Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Move'n Move'n Move'n

To service our clients better LHO has recently added a new addition to the family...Molly the Moving Truck!

Transporting furniture is one of the biggest obstacles our clients face and so we have decided to take that problem out of the equation. We are wanting our clients to have as much ease and convenience when working with us as possible.

Our delivery services are right in line with our mission to combine affordability and quality. We do not charge trip charges, hourly minimums, or outrageous fees. We even offer our consignors the ability to take the delivery fee out of their commission checks so that no money is needed up front.

Our goal is to stand out from other furniture and consignment stores and this is just our latest move to do so!

So with that said if you are looking to consign or purchase any home goods we would love the opportunity to earn your business.

2100 Irving Blvd Dallas, TX 75207


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fun Accessories!

How fun are these sassy new necklaces we just got in? They come on either a leather strand or a chunky chain.

If you want one email me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grand Opening!

The past couple of weeks we have been hard at work getting the store ready to open. One major hick-up we've had is that the heat hasn't been working...brrrr. It just so happens that this coincided with the coldest days Dallas has seen this year...perfect! I have been promised by our landlord that it will be up and running today. We'll see.

On a more positive note during our set up these past couple of weeks we have had multiple people each day knocking on our door. They are wanting a sneak peak, wanting to know when we're going to be opening, etc! This is a great response and we couldn't be more happy with our presence thus far! So with the demand we have been getting we have decided to open the doors a little early...hopefully with heat :-)

This Thursday...tomorrow...we will be open for business! YAY!!! Our hours are not set in stone but they will be something like this...

Monday-Friday: 9:30am-5:00pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: Closed
Or By Appointment

Spread the news to all of your friends and make sure you stop by and see us! We are getting new inventory daily!
Here's a sneak peak of some new items....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas in Canton

When the Holiday season is in full effect our Canton weekends are always a little more "special" than others.

The temperature for example is an aspect that I am glad is only around for only a short time here is Texas. Outdoor shopping with 30 degree weather, rain, and wind isn't the best combination. I am not sure we would have made it without our trusty HeatDish, scarves, hats, and gloves. The things we put ourselves through to shop :-)

Our Trusty HeatDish

Mom Bundled Up

On the other hand the Holiday spirit is in full bloom. It seems like this time of year we have more "destination" customers than usual. Whether they are coming in to show us where they hung the sign they ordered from us previously, bringing in their friends to show them what they just ordered their husband for Christmas, or searching us out because they saw one of our signs at a friends house and they just had to have one, they are all so thankful for helping them find a perfect gift for someone who has it all. On top of that the sea of Santa hats is endless!

One of Our Customers proudly showing off her Holiday Spirit

Another one of our customers showing us a sign
that was sent to her as apart of a family members Christmas list
We hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by and we will see you all next month!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Products!

new products

New Store!

As some of you know we are in the process of opening up a new DALLAS location! We are scheduled to be open in a few weeks!! YAY!!

Our address will be 2100 Irving Blvd in Dallas, Texas. This is in the heart of the Design District. We are going to expand on the inventory we currently have at Canton. We will have a larger selection of our signs but in addition will are also going to carry more home accessories, gifts, and furniture. We will still cater to our "2nd Home" clientele. Our new additions will be geared toward lake houses, ranches, cabins, camps and retreats!

A new part of our venture is that we are going to also take consignments. Check out our website for more information and a sneak peak at some of our inventory.

We decided on the name LHO Design & Consign because "LHO" is the acronym for Lakehouse Outfitters and then Design & Consign is an explanation of what our store is.

Right now we are wrapping up some build out in the store and just completed our outside marketing!

We are moving right along and can't wait for everyone to stop by and see us when we open!

Manny (our painter) working on our sign!

Ta-Da! Round 1 finished!

Keep checking back for updates!
REMEMBER...this weekend is Canton, last one before Christmas!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sport Designs

Sign# 975
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 977
17x23, 23x31, 28x38

Sign# 976
17x23, 23x31, 28x38

Sign# 974
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 974-Name
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holiday Designs

Sign# 877
10.5 x 24

Sign# 874
10.5 x 24

Sign# 605
17x23, 23x31, 28x38

Sign # 762

14 x36, 17x44

Sign# 727
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 761
17x23, 23x31, 28x38

* All signs are measured in INCHES *

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beach Signs

Sign# CU01-VW
23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU-02
23x39, 28x48

Sign # 356 - Beach House
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU-38V
12x 48

Sign# CU38H

Sign# 903

14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 584
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 521

14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU44
23x39, 28x48

Sign# 899
14x36, 17x44

Sign# 470
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU59

Sign# 808
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU30

23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU39

23x23, 28x48

Sign# CU24
23x39, 2848

Sign# 429
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU10


Sign# CU22

23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU37

23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU31
23x39, 28x48

Sign# 602
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 520 - Ocean
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 497
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 517
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 442 - Ocean
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 606
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 518
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign # 547-Girl
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU06

Sign# 428
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU07
23x39, 28x48

Sign# 446
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU27
23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU03
23x39, 28x48

Sign# CU29
23x39, 28x48

Sign# 526
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 460
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 482
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 583
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

Sign# 807-Fam
14x24, 18x30, 23x39, 28x48

* All signs are measured in INCHES *