Sunday, December 9, 2012

With Love,

It's been weighing on my mind.
Every morning when I log onto my computer and see the date of my last blog post
Thursday, September 13th!!!
What a lamo' blogger I have been this fall.
This morning as I was lamenting my lameness, my cell phone started churping with new text message alerts.  Yes!  There is a blogger God and I have been blessed (several times over).

My husband is traveling for work this week and staying at the beautiful Hotel Coronado in San Diego.
This morning, he took a pre-function walk on the beach and captured some wonderful images of the Sand Castle Art created by the artists employed by the hotel.

There's no better way to end my blog lameness than to share these with you.

Thanks to the hubs, Ray Batten for always thinking of ways to brighten up my day even when we're several time zones apart.  xoxox

This past January I had the opportunity to travel to The Coronado with Ray for a 
business function.  Below is the view from our beautiful room and our 
smiling faces as we spend the day as tourists.

Have a great week!  Hope you're getting all your Christmas shopping done.  
I started mine yesterday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not your average Flea Bag. . .

What:  The Dallas Flea

Where:  Southside on Lamar, Dallas

When:  Saturday, September 15

Why:  Over 70 upscale vendors all bringing their goods to market under
one roof.   LHO is one such vendor
and we are bringing HaulCouture Bags!
NOT your average Flea Bag

We have been coveting HaulCouture bags since we first saw them at the 
Dallas Home and Gift wholesale market back in March.  Seemed like a no brainer 
for hauling groceries to the LAKE or entire meals to the KIDS not to mention 
they make the perfect weekend getaway tote.  

Read what had to say about them:

How cool, how chic, how high couture when you not only have a bag that carries everything you could possibly need, but also looks stunning doing it. Take one busy career mom, one great idea, and a business was born.
Haul Couture began in 2009 by Kim Whitaker and has exploded on the scene of creative inventions. Kim's cargo bags have been featured on "The Daily Grommet", "The Today Show" as Kathie Lee and Hoda's "favorite things" segment and ”The Next Iron Chef", as well as in many national magazines.

More compliments from

The following is just a sample of the many uses of Haul Couture:
  • Grocery cargo - Insulated to keep "hots hot" and "colds cold". This feature and a large capacity make this a shopping must have.
  • Food cargo - Southerners love reunions, tailgating, and picnics. Sturdy dividers make food travel a snap.
  • Gift cargo - Christmas comes to mind; instead of lugging five or six flimsy bags overflowing with presents, throw all you have into one and head to the relatives.
  • Men's cargo - Whitaker has not forgotten the men. Masculine fabrics, hardiness and an easy to clean bag. What could be better?
  • Mommy cargo - Put everything but the actual baby in here.

Shown at the Fairhope, AL
Arts and Crafts Festival

And finally, more eye candy.  
 If you happen to be fond of a specific college team,
these bags might be right up your
tailgating alley:

OU or 'Bamma



See you Saturday at The Dallas Flea!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Headboard love. . .

Back in the days when we were operating our consignment store, LHO Design and Consign in the Dallas Design District we would often blog as inspiration to our customers.  Giving them ideas how how to repurpose some of the "finds" that they loved so much.

As I have been noodling around the web and on Pinterest looking for inspiration for my own home I decided to share some of my favorite finds in honor of the 1 year anniversary of closing the doors at LHO Design and Consign, 2100 Irving Blvd, Dallas.

Headboard Love.

doesn't get much easier than this.  looks like salvage 1x4's and a can of spray paint!

how often do you see these carved screens and wonder how to incorporate them into your decor?
consignment stores are a good source for these at below retail pricing

we love shutters, this is a sunny, garden filled space luck would have it we will have shutters
with us at The Flea (9/15)

Looks like a Pottery Barn shelve and a bench cushion!  
A new take on the upholstered headboard

Galvanized and corigated metal roofing?  EZ!

Great use of walls - love this idea for kids room.  toys/books/photos

Reclaimed Doors steal the show - chandelier rocks too!

Pallets!  Check your neighborhood on bulk trash day

Brilliant - place the bed in front of the built ins! 
 Kills 2 birds

Vintage signs - no brainer headboard

Have Fun!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

End Of Summer SALE! Shop Today!

Celebrate the end of summer by joining us TODAY in Canton, First Monday Trade Days!
Final day of our End of Summer Sale!

A few highlights:
All OKAb's $20.00!!

Two tables of TShirts and Hoodies reduced! Now $7.00 - $20.00

Mad Mat Indoor/Outdoor Rugs
4x6 $40.00
5x8 $70.00
(reg $49.00/$96.00)

plus much, much more!

We're on Row 46 just off Dealers Row
Sunday 9a - 4p
Hope we see ya!

First Monday Trade Days
Canton, Texas

Thursday, July 19, 2012

(Lake) House Hunters

One of our favorite forms of "mindless" entertainment is to watch House Hunters on HGTV.
And, as you know we are pretty much obsessed with finding a lake house.  It's what we do in our spare time - we look at lake property for sale.
Ideally we would find a place on Cedar Creek Lake as it meets most of our criteria:

  1. EZ commute to/from Dallas
  2. Large Recreational Lake/Area
  3. Close proximity to Canton as First Monday is a big part of Lakehouse Outfitters sales and marketing strategy.
As we looked back over the past 30-60 days it occurred to me, we are living our own version of House Hunters; Lake House Hunters. 

Here's the three most recent properties we have considered:

House #1 is an adorable cottage style home, very close to Gun Barrel City on a private street all on a very nice, shaded waterfront lot with boathouse in place.

We love the location, the lot and the basic cosmetics of the home.  It's smaller than ideal, yet we could make it work.

Drawback - no garage and it's not on the market for sale yet the owner will sell for "the right price"

House #2 is a beautiful piece of property in need a lot of updates and improvements just to make the waterfront/home safe to occupy.  It is also located close to GBC and sits on another very small street.  The home is actually located on a point which added to the value and the VIEW!

Drawbacks - retaining wall is collapsing into the lake.  Boat dock needs replaced and roof over garage is in serious need of repair, which has caused other damage to the home/roof system.  Estimates on dock and retaining wall alone were close to $70K

This property could be a show stopper if someone is looking to take on a project.  (probably too big of a project for us).

House #3 was appealing as it showed move in ready.  The home is more "house like" than "Cabin/Lake house like" which might be nice should we decide to make this our full time residence.  This property is located on the west side of the lake which was not where we had been looking previously, but we do like the fact that it's easy to/from Dallas, in a gated community and the home sits on two lots with trees and landscaping.  And the floor plan is perfect for our lifestyle!  We especially liked the upstairs family room with a wall of windows to the lake view.

Drawbacks:  Not as convenient to Canton.  Does not have the open water view the others have but both of those we thought we could live with.  Biggest drawback was the inspection report showing roof damage, skylights broken and lots of evidence that water damage is taking it's toll on this home.

Bottom line to this episode of Lake House Hunters is that we are still looking!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cookie Cutters. . . not just for cookies any more

I guess cookie cutters are also for houses.

I always thought these:

Cookie Cutter

Where intended for these:
Cookies that look like houses

Well, as it turns out I'm also learning that it applies to actual homes.  As a result of us listing our lovely home (so we can buy a lake house) I am shocked at the feedback regarding one item:  Granite.
"There's no granite".  Yes, that is correct.  No granite.  On purpose.

If one would like to get out their cookie cutter and add granite, they certainly should.  It's easy to add granite to any countertop - throw in a backsplash and you have another kitchen/bath that looks like most every other house you'll find.

But how often do you come across a mid-century charmer (1959) with original details in pristine condition?  Not to mention it's situated on a mature .40 acre lot with a circle drive, central location and a back yard with pool that makes outdoor living a joy.

So I call on you.  Most of you reading this are our very first fans and followers of LHO Design and Consign.  We connected because we had a common appreciation for style and esthetics.  If there's anyone else out there who appreciates vintage charm as much as we do, it's you.

In my attempt to gather more prospective buyers, I would like to ask you spread the word:

Who do you know that would appreciate the charm and the value of this home and might be interested if they knew if was on the market?  If someone comes to mind or if it's YOU please forward this email and check out our listing ONLINE click here.

In the meantime - here's a few snaps to peak your interest.

Dining off Entry and Den

 Den and Formal Dining

Our granite -less kitchen

 Man Cave

Backyard entertainment area and pool

Thanks so much for spreading the word and for protecting the integrity of baking.  
Cookie Cutters should be used only when baking.

Thanks much,


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For The Love of Blueberries. . .

We have a little person in our family who is a fruit-a-holic.  Blueberries are her favorite - but not by much, she loves pretty much all fruit.

Madison eating a fruit cup at Chick Fil A
totally ignoring the french fries!

Last week we took her to the Dallas Farmers Market to find the freshest fruit of the season.  The Canton blueberries were a hit, she loved looking at all the colors of the fruit and veggies and chasing the pigeons with GP was a bonus!

So, this past weekend we did what any grand parent "worth a hoot" would do.  We planned an outing for Sunday, a drive to an East Texas Blueberry Farm in search of the mother load of blueberries for our sweet little grand daughter.

After some research on the WWW we found a farm that was opening Saturday and Sunday for the "season".  Here we go!  We found the farm (about 5 miles off the beaten path) and as we drove down the sandy lane entrance to LayBerry Farm we met the proprietor who was conveniently headed out to pick berries.  We ordered 2 gallons of fresh blueberries and were told to return in about an hour to pick them up.

Upon returning, we noticed 2 gallon baskets on the table.  Filled with BLACKBERRIES!
Oops.  Communication failure - Mr. LayBerry thought we said blackberries.  "And, BTW you city folk, the blueberries aren't even rip yet".

We couldn't leave empty handed after all this, so home we go with our gallon of blackberries.
What a yummy mistake we had made (should have bought both gallons).

Left: LayBerry Blackberry - twice the size of a "store bought" blackberry 
and the juiciest, sweetest blackberry we've ever tasted.

There's a GOB of blackberries in a gallon I filled three large colanders with these now what to do?  Freeze them!

I learned that the best way to freeze fresh berries is it 
quick freeze them individually.  Wash, drain and spread single lay on a cooking sheet
place in freezer overnight. When you remove them from the freezer to 
bag they immediately get a slight frost on them, so you will want to work quickly.

The next morning, place the individual frozen berries in freezer bags 1- 2 cups each and store for a winters day when you want fruit for muffins, pies or cobblers.
Worked like a charm! Madison is going to have fresh fruit all year long!

  They also made a delicious fresh blackberry topping for our
NY Cheesecake.  This may just become our new 
Memorial Day tradition

For the love of blueberries and Madison!

LayBerry Farm is located between Canton and Gun Barrel City.  This next weekend
they hope to have vine ripe tomatoes in addition to the amazing blackberries. 
You can pick your own or buy them picked.

Here's the link to their webpage for more information:

Really - it's worth the trip.  Seriously.
We aren't kidding.

Have a great week!  Hope we see you in Canton for First Monday
Thursday - Sunday (5/31-6/3)