Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Janeen's Adventures On Lake Time - Tall Ship Manitou

Our lake life apparel cover girl and travel correspondent Janeen has delivered on her promise to take us along as she visits some of the most beautiful, interesting, quaint and quirky places in Northern Michigan.

Today, we share her photo journal from a recent visit to Northern Michigan's Grand Traverse Bay to setsail on the Tall Ship Manitou. 

Welcome Aboard, we hope you enjoy being On Lake Time (from wherever you are at this very moment) and the beauty of Lake Michigan!

TALL SHIP MANITOU - Grand Traverse Bay - Go Jump In the Lake T Shirt

Tall Ship Manitou - Lake Michigan - Grand Traverse Bay - Sailing

Tall Ship Manitou - Lake Michigan - Grand Traverse Bay - Sailing - Rigging

sailing - lake michigan - grand traverse bay - sailboats -

Sailboats - Lake Michigan - Sailing Lake Michigan - Grand Travers Bay

We learned ONLINE Tall Ship Manitou is a replica of an 1800’s “coasting” cargo schooner, similar to those that sailed the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. Specifically designed for passenger service, her hull was constructed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1983 and finished by Vermont carpenters on Lake Champlain. With a 59 passenger capacity, there is plenty of space for sitting and moving around the decks while under sail. Her overall length of 114 feet, beam of 21 feet, and displacement of nearly 100 tons ensures a comfortable, relaxing motion, soothing to both landlubbers and “old salts” alike.

go jump in the lake tshirt - lake michigan - tall ship manitou - lake life apparel

Thanks to Janeen for sharing her Adventures On Lake Time and for being such a great advocate and Cover Girl for Lakehouse Outfitters.

If you like the Go Jump In the Lake T-shirt Janeen is wearing you can see it HERE

Lakehouse Outfitters Lake Life Apparel
Designed and Worn by Women Who Live At The Lake

Happy Sailing,


Friday, August 15, 2014

Meet Janeen, Lakehouse Outfitters Lake Life Apparel Cover Girl . . . and Lake Life Correspondent!

This blog post is a story about how one act of kindness on social media has developed into a new found friendship and an ongoing photo shoot showcasing the beauty of the mitten state, also known as the great state of Michigan all while donning Lakehouse Outfitters lake wear.
Live Love Lake T-Shirt Lake Life Apparel

In early July, we found this post on our facebook page.

Love my new "Live Love Lake" shirt from Lakehouse Outfitters! We live on one of Northern Michigan's beautiful inland lakes, I get lots of compliments when I wear this shirt!! Thanks for the cool design!!  Janeen

To say this simple post "made our day" would be an understatement.  

A few weeks later, another friend who's also a customer commented " wasn't that the best photo of your customer from Michigan?  You should ask her to send you more photos wearing your tee shirts."

And so we did.

A simple offer - If we send you a few garments every now and then, would you mind taking photos when the opportunity is right and allowing us use them in our new lake apparel campaign?

Lake Life Apparel.  
Designed and Worn by Women Who Live At The Lake.

The answer was YES!  Therefore. . . 

Meet Janeen, Lakehouse Outfitters Lake Life Apparel Cover Girl . . . and Lake Life Correspondent!

Crawford Lake, Michigan - On Lake Time Tank Top - Lake Life Apparel

Janeen and her husband and 2 year old live full time on Crawford Lake in Kalkaska, Michigan one of Michigan's beautiful inland lakes.

Crawford Lake - Kalkaska Michigan - The Mitten State

The Mitten State - Chocolate Lab at the Lake - Crawford Lake, Michigan

BTW - their 2 year old is a chocolate lab named Bo

They love lake living because of all the natural beauty that surrounds them every day! The sunsets & sunrises on the lake are breathtaking! They have a pair of Bald Eagles that nest on their lake that they enjoy watching and have watched them raise two eaglets.  

Janeen talks about what a thrill it is to see them first as a baby in the nest and then soaring over their lake, fishing with their Mom and Dad. Janeen enjoys photography and has taken some amazing photos of the eagles.

Bald Eagles On Crawford Lake, Michigan

Pair of Bald Eagles, Crawford Lake, Michigan

Soaring Bald Eagle - Crawford Lake, Michigan

"Living on the lake has made us slow down and enjoy every minute of the day!Whether it's Spring, Summer Winter or Fall, we love lake living in Northern Michigan!"

Put your feet up and relax you are at the lake, fireside lake life

In early August Janeen was On Lake Time along the beaches of Lake Michigan and promises to share her photos from Grand Traverse Bay on the Tall Ship Manitou.  Stay with us and read more about Janeen's Adventures On Lake Time!

Happy Weekend,


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake House Decor - what canoe do with the things you love? We show you here

If you own a lake house you probably spend a good amount of time searching for the perfect lake house decor.  Searching, seeking, picking and digging is part of the experience and can be oh so rewarding.

When asked what makes decorating the lake house any different than a "regular" house my answer is always the same.  "You don't want your lake house to look like your regular house."

Case in point.

Would you want this for your regular house entry?

No?  But wouldn't it make a fantastic entry at the lake? This entry would set the stage for the lake house decor once your guests pass the threshold.

Now let's say you were looking for a focal point for an entry.  Well, at your regular house I doubt if your decorator would suggest hanging a boat or canoe from the ceilings.  But here...lake house decor rules the roost!

Just add lighting for an amazing chandelier

And who wouldn't want this for their study or work room at the lake or cabin?

Finally, we all know all to well that you never know how many friends you have until you own a lake house.  It's a corny saying that holds a lot of truth.  So entertaining guests might be high on your priority lists and (again) we want it to reflect our love of the lake.

Entertaining made easy  = serve yourself.  
And there's no better beverage vessel than one that used to float.  Just look at what you canoe with these vintage boats.  And if you happen to operate an event or catering company that caters to lake loving clients - one of these is a must have.  Perfect for a lakeside wedding or family reunion.

Click here to view our Vintage Boat Inventory

And for all other lake house decor please visit us online where you'll find our most popular lake decor items available 24/7.  

Happy Lakeorating!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Buzz Off - a guide to mosquito free lake time

We will get right to the point of this blog post.  
Mosquitoes can ruin most any outing in a matter of minutes.


One minute your family is frolicking at the water's edge the next minute they are stampeding to the lake house for cover.  

As we interviewed our customers about their frustrations with lake life we heard a lot about mosquitoes, "the mosquitoes in Northern MN!! If someone could figure out how to get rid of them they'd be rich"

Well, we don't know how to get rid of them.  

But we do have some ideas on repellent worthy of your consideration.  And because we have grandchildren who want to spend every waking moment outside playing until the sun sets (the prime time to get bit) we are reluctant to spray them with commercial chemicals such as DEET so we opt for a more homeopathic approach.  

Lakehouse Outfitters gives you three ways to avoid and repel mosquitoes to insure a more enjoyable time at the lake (or cabin, or backyard or where ever).

1.  Stay indoors and make homemade lemonade and chocolate chip cookies; two activities everyone can participate in and enjoy as an alternative to being bitten mosquitoes.  Probably not what you were looking for but doesn't that sound yummy?

2.  Arm yourself with a small yet powerful bottle of doTerra TerraShield.   
Protect yourself and your family with doTerra essential oils! TerraShield essential oil blend contains 15 essential oils that have been proven to be more effective at repelling biting insects than synthetic repellents. Just a small amount smoothed on your skin, behind your ears, neck, inside elbows and knees will provide powerful coverage for up to 6 hours.  And it smells good - the bugs won't like it but you will.  You can find it online - I just bought two bottles, one for the lake house and one for my daughter's house for the grand daughters.  We were out on her patio the other night and the girls were getting bit like mad, which makes Kiki mad!


3.  Whip up a batch of All-Natural Homemade Bug Spray that works - we found this easy recipe online thanks to Wellness Mama. Note: She's also using essential oils

Wellness Mama Bug Spray Ingredients:

  • Essential Oils choose from Citronella, Clove, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Catnip, Lavender, Mint
  • Natural Witch Hazel
  • Distilled or boiled Water
  • Vegetable glycerin (optional)

How to Make Homemade Bug Spray:

  1. Fill spray bottle (I used 8 ounce) 1/2 full with distilled or boiled water
  2. Add witch hazel to fill almost to the top
  3. Add 1/2 tsp vegetable glycerin if using
  4. Add 30-50 drops of essential oils to desired scent. The more oils you use, the stronger the spray will be. My personal favorite mix is: Rosemary, Clove, Cajeput, Lavender, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus… it works great and smells good too!
Check out more recipes including her super strong insect repellent that STINKS by clicking Her Blog Here

And if you're still bugged by all of this - we've included the gardeners guide to keeping pests off plants.  Thanks doTerra!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Step By Step Homemade Tortilla Chip Recipe - WARNING may become addictive

Have you ever had a food craving only to realize your pantry (or fridge) was void of this item?

It seems to happen to us all the time which is a bummer because we are lazy and don't want to make a special trip to the grocery.  So most of the time, we go without.

One such evening, with a Lakehouse Outfitters Signature margarita in hand we were craving tortilla chips and homemade salsa (or pico as we like to call it) only to open the pantry door to discover the bag of chips had mysteriously disappeared.  hmmmmm.

Devastated, my husband reached for the corn tortillas and exclaimed "I bet you could make them!" A redemption attempt perhaps?

In any case, this is when we discovered how easy and delicious home made tortilla chips are and how impressed our guests are when they come to the lake for happy hour to find me slaving over a hot stove making homemade tortilla chips.  They are oh so delish and oh so easy.  

Step 1:  Buy Corn Tortillas and Crisco and keep them in your pantry as a stock item.


Step 2:  When ready to treat yourself or your guests grab a heavy pan or dutch oven to use as your fryer.

Step 3:  Melt the Crisco until very hot, but not smoking 

Step 4:  Remove the corn tortillas from the package and cut the entire stack into triangles


Step 5:  Scatter the triangles on top of the hot oil until a single layer has formed.  cook until the tortilla starts to bubble and brown and then turn and cook the other side until the desired color and crisp is attained.


 Remove from oil and let rest on a paper towel to soak up any excess oil and salt to taste.  Transfer into serving bowl and expect nibblers - the warm chips are irresistible.


 REPEAT until all chips are cooked.

Once all the chips are cooked and seasoned, simply serve with your favorite salsa and a Lakehouse Outfitters Signature Margarita.

Don't have the LHO Margarita recipe? Click HERE

Enjoy - I'm off to melt some Crisco!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On the way to the lake

Most of us have experienced the stress that leaves our bodies as soon as we pile in the car, buckle up and are on the road to the lake house.  It's an amazing feeling.  For the next hour or two (if you're lucky) your sub conscience is preparing your mind and body to be On Lake Time.

The closer you get to the lake house the more roadside treasures you start to see.
This past week we were delighted by stands selling fresh fruit and veggies along with the mega-fireworks vendors who surely sold out of product as the fireworks show from across the lake was spectacular!   

Here are a few of our favorite snaps from this past week while we were On Lake Time.

This nice man was set up roadside selling out of his pick up truck.  

We found these beauties at the local farmers market.  
Pretty hard to beat a perfectly ripe peach unless it's a sliced ripe peach on top of homemade vanilla ice cream  Just sayin'

Fresh garden grown tomatoes grown locally which made the best pico served with corn chips made from corn tortillas.  WARNING:  you may never again buy store packaged tortilla chips

(pico and corn tortilla how to in our next blog post - coming soon)

This photo is a little blurry because it was taken from the car as we passed by.  
A return visit with cash in hand was put on our July 3rd To Do List.

Hope you made some new memories at the lake this past weekend and found a few roadside treasures along the way.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's New Wednesday . . . it's B A C K!

In the days of LHO Design & Consign, one of the most loved blog posts was our weekly, What's new Wednesday.  So we thought it only fitting to bring it out of the storage bin, give it a good dusting and announce our news.

Our online business is growing to the point we had to find it a home and move it out of our garage.
So we found the perfect building with enough space to allow us to put together an LHO type of retail venue.

The Boatique

A sales event venue - open when we say we're open and have the inventory to warrant your time.
As with LHO Design & Consign we'll have:

Vintage and Industrial Finds
Market Samples - Furniture and Accessories

And we'll have everything we sell online that ships from Texas
Click Here for Lakehouse Outfitters ONLINE

 . . . plus a few little surprises along the way.

OPEN THIS WEEK!  Thursday and Friday (7/3-7/4)
Cindy will be here 9a-4p both days
Kate and Mendy will be working Canton (Row 46) for an LHO Double Header weekend!

Here's a sneak peek at the new digs and our opening inventory.
This weekend will be our soft opening, which means we'll be OPEN but possibly not as organized as we might like to be.

Our address:

5300 Log Cabin, Texas 75148

EASIEST ROUTE  from Dallas: Take 175 towards Kaufman to State Hiway 198.  Travel south on 198 (exit Mabank)  - you'll cross Cedar Creek Lake twice.  We will be the first business on the east side of 198 just after the second bridge.  If you go over a 3rd bridge and end up in Malakoff at Hiway 31 you've gone too far south.

If you're looking for an day trip - we'd love to see you.

Call Cindy's Cell if you need directions:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Going Bokos!

Well, as it's Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and chances are you're "out and about" doing something fun and not sitting in front of your computer.   Yet I couldn't wait any longer to introduce you to our new friends.  

Meet Bokos - a cool new sandal company founded by two brothers from Minneapolis.

They like Lakehouse Outfitters and we like them and their sense of humor as demonstrated in this ad.

They're not your typical flip flop kinda sandal - a little something different and quite perfect for summer activities; some of which you may be enjoying at this very moment:  Boating - Biking - Hiking???

And tell them Lakehouse Outfitters sent ya!

Happy Shopping

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family Reunion? We found the perfect place. . .

Isn't it crazy how a simple online search for something you "think" you're looking for turns into something completely different?  And wonderful.

That's what happened as we were looking for possible picks for Memorial Day Get Aways@The Lake.

Instead, we stumbled across this gem that is screaming for a Family Reunion.
Please, someone book their family reunion here and then report back to us on all the wonderful memories you created.

We give you Pegasus Ranch Lodge in Daingerfield, Texas.

First - the drive up appeal is amazing.  If you happen to be the one responsible for finding the location for this summer's reunion you are going to be very popular with the guests.

Welcome to the Lodge.  BTW - sleeps 17 people
and also has a Bunkhouse on the same property 

Rich and dreamy Texas Ranch style interior
complete with large flat screen t.v.

Family Reunion GOLD!  
A Playground - A Play House with Air Conditioning (what??)
And a 3.5 acre pond

Party Pavilion 
I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have a Family Reunion without
one of these.

From the websites we learned this:
Daily Rates - weekday $375 and weekend $395 with a 2-Night Minimum
Holiday weekends such as Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day
Daily rates increase to $445 with a 3-Night Minimum

And tell them Lakehouse Outfitters sent ya!

Enjoy - and have a wonderful, amazing time with the family!