Monday, October 26, 2015

Introducing Dylan!

As we continue our blog series of introducing our team, it's time for you to meet Dylan.

Yes, Dylan our niece. 

Dylan works as our Social Media contractor and also helps out during Canton First Monday Trade Days when her breaks at Baylor allow.  If you happen to visit our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest Boards it's quite likely you're seeing the result of Dylan's creativity and diligence to always present Lakehouse Outfitters in the best light possible.

I am proud of the work she does for Lakehouse Outfitters and even more proud of the person she's becoming. 



Hey y’all! My name is Dylan and I’m lucky enough to call Cindy my aunt. I guess you could say obsession with the lake is in my blood. I inherited this strong lake-loving gene from the lake queen herself.

I lived in California for most of my life, but that didn’t stop my aunt from flying me out to Texas every summer for a two to three week visit. I looked forward to this trip every year. Not only did I get to spend time with my amazing Aunty Cindy and Uncle Ray, but I got to experience lake life to its fullest. This meant days of sleeping in, drinking coffee on the front porch looking out over the lake, delicious homemade food, making bonfires and cooking s’mores, fishing, tubing, boating and so much more.

It was an absolute paradise.

Our favorite spot:  the screened in porch

Decked out for the July 4th Parade around Lake Brenda with Auntie Cindy and my cousin Jodi

Studying lake side isn't so bad

A girl and her dog and a trolling motor = perfection!

First Fish!

After ten years of spending almost half my summer in Texas, I decided I wanted to move there permanently. I am now a sophomore at Baylor University majoring in Psychology. One of my favorite things about attending Baylor is that it’s only a short 90-minute drive to my aunt and uncle’s house on Cedar Creek Lake. You could say that this makes a pretty nice weekend getaway. In fact, my three roommates and I spent a weekend at the lake as our last hooray before summer ended.

 One thing I love about the lake is that it brings people of all ages together. I mean does it get any better than your uncle throwing you and your roommates around on the water in a plastic tube? I don’t think so. All I know is that I love the lake just as much as I did when I was eight years old, and I’m sure I’ll love it even more when I’m eighty; and I’m proud to work for a company that feels the same way.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

LLoLF - Lake Life on Lake Fork

Welcome to Lake Life on Lake Fork!
Now that I have been introduced on the blog I will start sharing
our lake life with you!

 For the past several months we have been heading down to Big John's Boat Dock! It started out just watching feeding time!

Upon Big Johns persistence we started fishing. Us city folks enjoyed catch and release and the fish we ate we caught at a local restaurant until...


Turned into THIS

Yes he caught that BIGGIN all by himself if his facial expression doesn't say it all he did
"I'm so proud of myself" - BP (runs down dock giving high fives)

That night we had some friends coming out and after a quick text of 
"Hey you ever cleaned fish before?" and a quick response
"uh yeah when i was kid. we could youtube it"
We felt it was time us weekenders had our first fish fry!

Little Sister made sure she kept the fish fed while in the bucket 
in between her "checking my bait"

 We have it made at Big John's Boat Dock! Look up the nicest person in the world and you will find a picture of Big John (Also look up the man who has two of everything) He SPOILS us! the boat house is well stocked with all your fishing needs. You break a line he will have it fixed by the next time your there. Honestly the experiences BP and sister have had this summer is PRICELESS!
Also did I mention the view...

So after a few more big catches we took our bucket of fish back to the cabin but not before stoping at Big John's garage for a few necessities fish skinners, oh and BP was worried about how you kill the fish ( i guess filet-ing alive wasn't the appropriate thing to do)

"Who has everything you need?" - Big John
screams with excitement "YOU DO!" - BP

hands over a small chubby bat just bop them on the head. Luckily the fish took care of either situation having to happen. Friends hadn't even made themselves at home before watching two different youtube videos and deciding which one seemed most doable we headed out into the dark with a folding table, flashlight, and filet knife...

 (no we are not amish hubs just hasn't seen a razor in oh...8 months)

J actually started us off and then went back for more! I'm tellin ya they were like ole pros!

So the next morning we headed back out to let the friends do some fishing. And of course
Ben's best bud H got his very first fish
We finished the Weekend with Catfish Nuggets!!!

Until Next Time on LLoLF...

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Introducing Heather!

Heather has also worked for Lakehouse Outfitters since (almost) the beginning.  We met in a previous life when I was a sales manager for a radio station in Dallas, Texas and Heather was on the promotional team.  At that time, she was "just a kid" and now she's got two of her own. 

Heather, as with everyone on our team, rises to the occasion when duty calls.  She works the store, she works Canton, she works the wholesale markets and she's our newest contributor to our Blog.  But mostly she works for family vacations and more recently she's asked to work for a Christmas Puppy. 

When I poked and prodded to get her bio for the blog it took a little time, but as I hope you'll agree it was worth the wait.

Introducing Heather!

I have a good reason for not getting this bio written in a timely manner and it would be because of...these two!

During the time I was supposed to be writing a blog post:
  • I went in my daughters room to check on her and was hit with the most awful smell that should not come out of a pink princess room I soon realized it was the entire contents of my daughters stomach that she was sleeping soundly in...
  • Woke up one morning to what I thought was a transformer blowing as I lay in bed I thought oh no did I pay the electric bill (un fortunately it was not the transformer)
  • Trying to understand why in 1st grade you only get 1 extra point for bonus words such as: unique, movements, exhausted and practice. (If you have ever practiced for a spelling test you get the struggle. I feel like we deserve so much more than a smiley face)
  • My son told me he has been praying to God for another baby...

I could go on and on because the fact is these guys are my LIFE... it might be crazy and I haven't been on time to anything since they were born but I wouldn't change it for a second.

 I wouldn't have them without this guy:

We met in middle school. We started dating when I was 13 and he was 15. We met in Garland, TX where we both grew up. My freshman year of high school we moved to New Orleans. Could you imagine moving a teenage girl away from her boyfriend yes it was as dramatic as it sounds, (I wonder if my mom still has nightmares :) after doing long distance for 4 years and several secret trips I finally moved back to TX to finish college. Got engaged at SeaWorld in '03. Married in New Orleans at a Jazz Hall in June 2006. Next summer we will have been together for 20 years. Crazy to think that at the age of 13 I met the guy who I would do life with!

And recently have started doing LAKE LIFE!
My parents bought a lake house on Lake Fork (TEXAS) as a retirement home they still live in New Orleans and will hopefully be full timers within the next couple years

In the meantime we spend EVERY weekend there!
This is what our life revolves around any and every excuse to be at the Lake

I can now speak from experience that Memories are Made at The Lake!

Cindy's Note:  Watch for Heather's Blog Series Lake Life on Lake Fork coming soon

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Introducing Kate!

As per my previous blog post where I promised to introduce our wonderful team to you and it seems only fitting that we start with Kate.

We begin our series with Kate for a couple of reasons:

1.  I've known her since she was a teenager
2.  She's been part of our team since 2010

When I asked the team to write a short paragraph bio and get it to me, Kate took those instructions literally.  Here's how she describes herself:

Born in Wisconsin. Raised in Texas. 
Sassy. Fun. Loud. I enjoy repurposing old furniture and painting it fun bright colors. 

LOVES in no particular order Dogs. Summer weekends on Bone Lake. S'Mores.  Grey football t-shirts. Naps in hammocks. Coffee. 80s music. Books. Travel. And FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!! 

Kate in 2010 when she agreed to work Sundays for us
Where Kate hangs out on Bone Lake - her Dad's Cabin  

Kate along side her brothers and Dad the day they were putting in the dock   


At our store in Canton, TX: Kate and Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboy #82   

That's Kate! 

Kate is at her best when you need her the most.  She loves to swoop in and organize anything from shelves in the stock room to the work space around the counter to our offices and filing systems.  She's my right hand girl when it comes to Canton.  You might find her standing behind the counter ringing up sales, sitting on the floor organizing displays or high on a ladder taking down signs or hanging a light fixture made from chicken feeders.  

She's one in a million and we're happy she's on our side.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seemed like a good idea at the time

So....I read somewhere that a great blog topic was introducing your team to your customers and followers.   And since we have the most diverse, talented, fun and interesting team that I love talking about, why not talk about them here?  So here we go, let's make this happen.

Step One:  Send a note to each team member and ask them to write a short paragraph about themselves and send it back to me.

Step Two:  Send a note to each team member and remind them of Step One.

Step Three:  Wait.

Step Four:  Determine the order of the posts should I ever get all the bios.  (thinking positive)

Step Five:  Write my own.

Mine is actually easy.  It's a story about the love of my life, my husband the Original Lake Boy, Ray Batten.  Ray grew up in Spokane, Washington in the 1960's.  His dad was in construction and every summer as soon as school was out they would pack up and head to the lake for the summer.  Their destination was Canoe Point on Priest Lake, Idaho.  Their family friends would do the same and they would set up camp Memorial Day - Labor Day.

The Dad's would commute during the week to work in Spokane and the Mom's and kids would stay at the lake to enjoy a summer without care or worry.  These summers and Ray's time at the lake made an impression on his heart that would last forever.  The lake really was his first true love.

1962 Canoe Point  - Ray on the far right next to his Mom in her flashy sunglasses

Ray on the left (12 years old) with little brother Billy and his Father 

This photo is dated 1960 so Ray would have been 10 years old and I love
this so much because he's holding a camera.  His second love, photography.

As you can see, his camera is never out of reach even today.

Ray and I  married in 1994 and he introduced me to lake life.  (I am a cowgirl from Montana and hadn't the foggiest idea of what he was talking about  - this dream of living at the lake.)  In turn, I introduced him to Dallas, Texas and all the humidity and heat that comes with it.  We moved to Dallas in 2003 so I could advance my career in Advertising Sales Management and low and behold, we soon realize there are about 1000 lakes in the State of Texas!  And not a lot of retail that cater to these passionate consumers; and THAT is when we started dreaming about a new business venture that would marry Ray's love for lake life and my entrepreneurial spirit.  Lakehouse Outfitters has been my full time job since I retired from my professional career in 2009.  And in 2012 we moved to the lake - FULL TIME!

We live and operate Lakehouse Outfitters from the shores of Cedar Creek Lake, Texas just 90 minutes south of Dallas and 90 minutes east of Waco.  Our daughter Jodi and her girls, Madison and Kennedy are in far north Dallas and to say we love being GP and Kiki to these two would be an understatement.  We love them to pieces and love how much they love their time at the lake.  Our niece Dylan is attending Baylor University/Waco as a sophomore (see previous blog for more on that)  and a weekend at the lake is a place that feels like home when going home to California just isn't practical.

"Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your own kids"

I look forward to introducing you to our crew, our girls, our team.  Each of them holds a special place in our hearts and plays an important role in the success of Lakehouse Outfitters.  We have a unique chemistry that you won't easily find elsewhere.  I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.



Saturday, September 19, 2015

Memories Are Made At The Lake

One of the things we love most about lake life is sharing it with friends and family.  It sounds cliche' but it's true - Memories are made at the lake!  How else could you explain four girls (all entering their sophomore year at Baylor University) willingly spending one of the first weekends back on campus with the old folk?

Don't get me wrong, we're fun and most people love our company.  And by most I'm speaking of adults between the ages of 40-65.  NOT 18-19 and almost 20.

Our niece Dylan, conned her roomies into a weekend at Auntie Cindy and Uncle Ray's lake house on Cedar Creek Lake recently and we had a blast.  It was the first time we'd met Dylan's roomies...and well . . .it was interesting.

They were all very nice and polite for the most part - but we were surprised by one of our little house guests who we had been "sold" as a lake girl from way back.  Her family has a lake house outside of Chicago that's been in the family since the 1960's.  With this information came some assumptions on our part.  And you know what they say about assuming.  Makes an A_ _  out of you and me.

This lakegirl:
- afraid of bugs
- afraid of geckos
- complained that the boat ride was too rough
- acted nervous about tubing
- whined that the wet life jacket was too cold
(you get the idea)

Meet Dylan's lakegirl roomie Miss Callie - as you can see, she makes herself right at home.

Her name is Callie - don't make the mistake of calling her KELLY.
Callie likes to say she's from Chicago - but she's really from Algonquin (although she has a tough time pronouncing her own home town)

She's very tall and blonde.  Apparently - the blond part is important because she will only date blonde boys.  She went on and on about a boy named Ben.  We only hope he is as fond of Callie as she is of him.

She's a little sarcastic, pretty competitive and doesn't like to lose.  This became evident as her team lost at several games of water volleyball during her visit.

When she loses, she takes it out on others.
 And it would appear she's not outgrown the toddler habit of pulling hair when she's frustrated.  
In case you are wondering, is Dylan laughing or crying?  She was crying.
Mishalya is smiling because it's not her hair that's being pulled and Ashton is smiling because they get to leave tomorrow.  

Which brings me back to my opening paragraph.  
Memories Are Made At The Lake
some you never forget

Authors Note:  Callie loves to hack into her roommates phones and laptops and send emails and texts.  She's quite the prankster.  So....we thought it would be fun to prank Callie and create a mock blog.  
Which we did - only to find out she loved it and wanted to show her family - so now it's LIVE with Callie's permission.  This is a great group of young ladies who love Jesus and each other.  We were honored and blessed to have them as our guests.  Can't wait for round two!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Janeen's On LakeTime Adventures - A real life lake girl.

This week Janeen has been flooding my email inbox with photos from the past couple of weeks.  Serving as Lakehouse Outfitters Lake Life Apparel Cover Girl is a job she does so graciously and is a beautiful representation of our lake loving customers. 

Janeen is a real life lake girl.  She lives full time on a lake in Michigan and lives our brand to the fullest.  Here's some of our favorites from Janeen's recent photo shoots.


Love The Lake Tee - which she does!!

Recreational Waters V Neck

Love The Lake Classic White Tee on the Banana Boat!

Commanders Anchor Tank - Lovin' Lake Life

MyLake Shirt in Orange Peel - Janeen's Fav Color this season!

The Neon Coral Beach Tank makes a great cover up

Janeen never sits still - ran her first 5K this summer with friend Elen

Anniversary Trip to the shores of Lake Michigan

Go Jump Raglan Burnout Tank perfect for the pontoon cruise

This Girl Loves Her Lake Terry Pullover and Janeen on her home dock

Janeen and Bo on their dock (love the minnow bucket light holders)

Janeen and Ellen - trouble??

Looks like a sunset cruise

We want this B-A-D

Janeen with her new SUP - Happy Birthday to Janeen!!
Love the tees and tanks you see Janeen wearing?
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