Friday, October 29, 2010

Lighting Up The Home Fires

Wow, it's chilly out there! Inspired by the recent arrival of sub-scorching temperatures, I've decided to warm things up -- inside the house and out. In doing so, I've discovered two stellar home and garden stores around town. Hooray for fall! --Alison Miller
FireLite from Downing Hill
1.) Downing Hill (3016 Greenville Ave.; 214-887-1837)
This pint-sized store on Greenville Ave. is the cheery, well-edited alternative to H&G warehouses like Home Depot and Lowe's. Open just under a year, the store is filled with chic garden adornments and fun accessories for the home (check out the Gurgle Pots!). But my search for flames led me straight to the FireLites by Napa Home and Garden. Simply fill the glazed ceramic pot with clean-burning ethanol fuel (also available here), and you've got a portable, contained, crackling fire (yes, it really makes a sound!). I'm a huge fan of these things -- they come in an array of sizes and colors and make for a cozy table centerpiece, indoors or out. Or, line up three of them for a dazzling display of mini fires.

An Inspiration Wall at Downing Hill.
Downing Hill Display.
A Fire Pit at Downing Hill.
 2.). Jackson's (6950 Lemmon Ave.; 214-350-9200)
When I took my husband inside this sprawling space near Love Field, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas. You see, one whole section of the store is devoted to outdoor kitchen fittings, including some very serious grills. There's also a huge selection of terra cotta pots, massive outdoor planters, furniture, dishes, lighting, and more. It's a decorating mecca devoted to outdoor entertaining.

But because our 1940 house is built around a brick fireplace that's wired for gas, we were in the market for logs -- something Jackson's also has a huge selection of. Now, with the twist of a knob, we've got a real fire right in our living room, whenever we want it.
Gas Fireplace from Jackson's.

But the quest for flame illumination didn't end there. Before moving to Texas a year ago, I'd never even heard of a chiminea. But Jackson's has them in all sizes, and we took home a small one that fits perfectly into the corner of our fenced-in deck. Let the piñon wood burn! It's been a huge hit at parties. And you can't beat the feeling that you're sitting round the campfire in your own urban backyard.

Our Corner Chiminea.
Good Old-Fashioned Outdoor Illumination...Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trick or Treat? You be the judge...

It's very rare that we have a moving truck pull into our dock stuffed to the rim with consignments.  Today just happenned to be one of those rare days. 

It's kind of a long story.  Here's the readers digest version.  My cell phone rings Monday morning, "Hello, I'm Joe's sister, he said to call you.  We have a few items we need to consign, some from Dad's house, some our sisters, some of Joe's's a little bit of everything.  Joe said to call you and you'd take care of it.
He would have called himself, but he's in Hawaii...I just hung up with him.  He gave me your number.
Can you help?  As I mentioned, Joe's in Hawaii and I'm leaving on Thursday for a 15 day cruise, can you take it tomorrow?"

In this case...yes.  Joe is one of my favorite people and has done so many nice things for our family over the years I am happy to help out.  "Just send it all and we'll sort thru it"....little did I know all of it would fill a moving truck!  Surprise!!!

So here is What's New this Wednesday.  We are having a WAREHOUSE sale this weekend!  Selling Joe's items before we even bring them in the store!  Plus, we've marked down alot of LHO merchandise, we've been busy with the red marker! 

Come check it out - you really need to see it to believe it!  :)

One piece of a darling bedroom lights up
Other pieces include bed, dressing table with make up lights, night stand and dresser. 
Priced individually

Walnut Armoire - it's very deco handsome

Corner shelf $75.00

Marble Top Table

Danish side table $75.00

Misc ez chair, office chair, art

Georgeous pair of side table with carved legs
$495.00 Pair

Hide a bed to brighten any room!
This is LIKE NEW  $100.00
Tip Toe through the Tulips....

These chairs go with the table below
Table and 6 Chairs
Burled wood top, it's very pretty

Birdcage display with glass and mirror shelves
custom design $195.00

Conversation piece lamps

misc chairs $35.00

Small tables $75.00

Writing Desk $150.00

Cornice $35.00 - great frame for new project!

Broyhill Sofa - navy print  very nice condition

Coffee table $125.00

Dining Table $95.00

These Chairs go with a table not pictured
Table and 6 chairs $395.00

Leather Chaise  $695.00
(This was Joe's)

Vintage headboard  $95.00

You really need to see this bedroom set.   It's so quaint!

Cane headboard $325.00

Some items come with band-aids  :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Inspiration, Imagination & Insight compliments of LHO customers...enjoy!

We are constantly blown away by the talent and creativity of our customers.  And also very thankful they are so generous with their creativity and willingness to share.  Below are three examples of such:

Five months ago, we had a charming, vintage green velvet chair in our inventory.  It was featured in the first (and only) video version of What's New Wednesday.  Shortly after the video embarrassed us Shonda visited the store and had to have this chair; she had a vision for it.  Well, that would be an understatement based upon the photos she recently shared with us.  Shonda lives and works in the Mabank area with her family.

Morgan Flowers :
Not long after we opened in late December, we met Morgan.  Morgan works as a Designer for an Architectural firm right around the corner from LHO and also operates a successful Interior Design business of her own (214.532.0426).  Morgan stopped in one day during her lunch hour to "check us out" and within a day or so she was bringing clients and friends in to show them different pieces to complete their respective projects.  Not only has Morgan become a valued customer and friend, she's also referred several great consignment clients to us.

Morgan has recently completed a project in the Bluffview area...which she has graciously agreed to share the before and afters with us.  Sometimes all we need is a picture to help us take that first step in transforming our own living space. 

Before Kitchen Dining

After Kitchen Dining
Transformed by a cornice board over the window, shear drapes, pendant fixture and area rug!
The Art was simply moved from another location in the house

Before Living Area

Living Room After:  Frugal Finds
Art above the mantle commissioned by family friend,  chandelier custom made to replicate an antique at a fraction of the
$9000.00 price tag of the antique and the
Lucite Console (drum roll please) at Salvation Army - SCORE!
Living After: View #2

Before:  Formal Dining

After:  The SAME formal dining room!!!
Note to self:  The stripe on the wall continues on the drapes
Really, this is the same room?  If the stairs were not in both pictures
I may be suspect!

Can you say re purpose? 
Custom mirror with candelabra attached...this mirror is 40+ years old, came from the bathroom at Morgan's boyfriends house he's's 5'x4'!  This piece is in the entry and SO dramatic...the picture doesn't do it justice.

Betty and Robin:

We first met Betty and Robin on a Thursday.  The day following What's New Wednesday when they raced to the store to buy a vanity they'd seen on the post...perfect for their client!  The next time we heard from Betty and Robin, also on a Thursday.  This time following the WNW American Pickers Style post...the one featuring our picks from the day trip to east Texas.  They were chomping at the bit over the vintage, industrial blue saw horses.  They had a specific job in mind for these unique pieces; they described their vision in detail...and by the looks of it.  They delivered!

Betty shared these photos along with a note: 
Thought you guys might like to see some of your "stuff" in our most recent project...a "Bay House" in Galveston. Our client was over-joyed...since the first place blew away with IKE!!
Betty Malone and Robin Malone
Chez Tweak Interiors

                                        The Saw Horse/Work Benches on the showroom floor
                                               and below the transformation into the perfect
                                                            Bay House Dining Table

The Table Top:  A Time Worn Door and Glass

The primitive black/red shelf was sitting by LHO's back door-
(we hadn't even placed it) the day Betty and Robin came for the work benches. 
They saw it and immediately knew it was also
meant for Galveston.  
I love the contrast against the beach white walls and 
(pickled?) flooring.

 Betty started Chez Tweak Interiors (214.532.4534 or 469.576.2669)10 years ago, with her daughter-in-law Robin joining her 2 years ago.  They are located in McKinney, yet eagerly serve a broader region as evident with the Galveston Bay project. 

Call for more information:  We love referring LHO customers to LHO customers.  If you are interested in knowing more about the services of Morgan Flowers or Chez Tweak feel free to contact them at the numbers listed in this blog post.

Enjoy the WEEKEND!