Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's New, What's Not so New and What's so precious I can't stand it!

This past week I spent several days away from LHO as we welcomed our grand daughter Madison into the family.  Madison was born last Tuesday at 4:16pm  - and (you know what comes next ;-)) she is the most beautiful baby girl!  We spent all day Tuesday at the hospital anxiously awaiting her precious arrival followed by several days of simply staring and pretending to help mom and dad with their new duties as newbie parents.  As you can see, I can't stay away from her even to let her sleep! 

                                                     Mommy Jodi and Madison at 6 days

By the time Saturday arrived, the newbie parents were exhausted and sick of us!  The suggested we give them the weekend to "figure this out"...

While we were away playing new grandparents, Kate was holding down the fort at LHO.  Madison brought love to the family and prosperity to the family business...Kate was moving merchandise out the door like a mad man!  So, with Madi being off limits for the weekend, we headed to our favorite picker's haunte just outside Lake Tawakoni and made the rounds through the East Texas Lake Country.  

Here's what we found, along with a few IMAX items from last week that never made it to publication.
Industrial chic is still the buzz and in high demand as just one piece adds interest and history to most any decor from Traditional to Trendy.  We found some great treasures. 


Industrial Cart - add a butcher block for the perfect
Kitchen work table

Two styles of Fire Surrounds - heavy iron
one with a charming shabby patina - the
addition of a mirror would create a
statement for any entry

Vintage screen door = wall decor

IMAX mirror with candle holders

Vintage Marvel 2-Hole punch

Vintage Metal Milk Crate - '65

Stainless Work Table - Kitchen Island anyone?

Shutters - pair

Burlap and Stamped Upholstery materials are all the rage
These bags are clean and ready for their new life as your cushion covers

Single vintage chair with Deco back

Camp Chair

Leather Chairs - Set of 4 with carved detail and spindle backs

Set of 8 Upholstered Chairs with nailhead and carved backs

IMAX Architectual Wall Decor 72"
Hang Horizontal for a King Headboard

shabby white accent table

Vintage Trash Cart - perfect garden accessory

Cane back office chair (x2)

IMAX wall mirror

IMAX leather top desk with organizer that hangs on the wall above it

Desk Top/Organizer

Beach Decor from IMAX

Tropical side table - love the redish orange patina

IMAX accessories

Hall Table or Large Pedistol

Mirrored Wall Grouping - 6 tiles

And don't forget the January Clearance Sale through January 31st - see a sticker and make an offer on older consignments. 

Stickers of all kinds equal GOOD DEALS- you name the price!  No reasonable offers refused.  And if you're thinking...nothing good is ever on sale, here's a sampling of sticker bearing merchandise

Please wxcuse typos and gramatical errors  sent while rocking Madison to sleep. . .