Friday, January 15, 2010

What's New Wednesday

Here is our first installment of WHAT'S NEW WEDNESDAY! Even though today is is not Wednesday we wanted to share our new inventory and changes to the store we have made. This will be a weekly post so make sure to check back every Wednesday!

To start the week off we decided to change up the wall treatments in the store.
Here is Matt and Ray attaching pallets to our brick outer wall. We stole this idea from the Belmont's restaurant, SMOKE. The end result turned out just as we'd hoped.

Here is the wall completed with our custom vintage signs attached!
Great Job Guys!!

The other wall treatment we tackled was painting. The back section of our store has been turned in to our "boutique". It now showcases more of our feminine furniture and decor. Below mom is busy painting starting the transformation. We used Benjamin Moore paint (the best out there) and the
shade we chose was Vintage appropriate.

One of our new pieces, a Haverty's dresser and mirror, looks
gorgeous in the revamped space. 

We received over 200 new pieces last week. Everything from furniture, art, to home decor. Here are a few of the new items.

This is a custom Bassett table and chairs in great condition. To buy it new would cost over $1700. We have it priced at $395...
Hello! Can you say GREAT DEAL!

We have a ton more in the store so stop by and see it all.
The stores address is 2100 Irving Blvd in Dallas.

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