Saturday, February 27, 2010

Get This Look - Vintage Eclectic

Being in the furniture and design business our constant goal is to stay on top of current decor trends. So to do this I am always reading design, home decor and remodeling type magazines. Well unbeknownst to me my husband flips through them occasionally. I found this out the other day when he was in the store helping out and said, "You guys have a lot of 'Vintage Eclectic' pieces." I stopped in my tracks, turned around and looked at him with a, "what did you just say" look. Vintage Eclectic has never come out of his mouth, or anything remotely close for that matter. So when he just randomly threw that out there I was a little taken back....but at the same time very proud, and impressed!

We continued the conversation by him showing me the articles in the magazines and then pointing out the pieces that match in the store! He was right on target.

I can't help but share my hubbys finds with you! So here is how to get the Vintage Eclectic look found in the magazines at LHO!

- The Mags -
Cottage Living

Real Simple

- LHO Design & Consign -
The Rustic Fireplace Mantel

The French Inspired Sofa

The Large Square Art Piece over Mantel

(the great thing about consignment stores is that if you don't like the picture in a nice frame,
the price tag leaves room in the budget to replace it with something you do like)

Bright Accent Pillows


The Rugs

As you can see he did a great job!
Stop by the store and check out these great comparisons for yourself!

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