Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old Dog...New Tricks

We all have those pieces of furniture that serve us great function but are less appealing to the eye. Or we have a desired style we want to accomplish in a room but our billfold doesn't open that wide. Here are some very creative and affordable ways to teach an "old dog" new tricks!

A Fresh Coat of Wallpaper
Transform a dresser with paint and wallpaper. Chic taupe paint and toile wallpaper highlight this dresser's traditional lines. Play with the position of the wallpaper until you're happy with the design, and then cut the paper to fit the drawer fronts. After painting the dresser, apply the wallpaper; protect it and the painted surfaces with an acrylic sealer.

Value Vintage
Decoupage a retro travel poster onto a side table to give your room a vintage vibe. Apply household glue to the entire surface of the table with a foam brush. Then submerge your poster in water for 10 seconds. While the glue is still wet, position the poster. Use a wet sponge and wet brayer to work out excess glue, water, and air. After the surface dries, usually in 24 hours, apply three to five coats of acrylic polyurethane to seal.

Rolling With The Times
Save money by repurposing old furniture. A paint job and a new set of casters turned this old bedroom shelving unit into a rolling kitchen cart. Its shelves are perfect for holding linens and dishes. The drawer, with its updated drawer pull, can stash take-out menus.
Creative Contemporary
Turn an old bookcase on its side to transform it into a clean-lined storage unit. First repair the frame by stabilizing it with screws, filling scratches with putty, and painting it a high-gloss white. Next, install three long partitions and two small shelves to create interesting storage nooks. Then, remove the back of the unit and base. Finally, prop the unit on legs made from threaded metal flanges and pipes.
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