Thursday, June 24, 2010

All Consignment Stores NOT Created Equal

So my mom and I went on another one of our adventures today and did a little "research". Before I start on the details I do want to preface this post with we are firm believers that there is enough business for everyone. If we have a customer walk through our doors looking for something we don't currently have but think another retailer might, we will gladly send them in the right direction. We also believe that there are other business owners out there that do the same and send people our way if they think we can help. We love being apart of such a unique industry that caters to "treasure hunters", frugal shoppers, do-it yourselfers, and bargain hunters. With that said the overall consensus of our findings today was that not all consignment stores are created equal. I am not going to name names or throw any store under the bus because I am sure they all have their own unique following, but there were definitely winners and then there are the others.

Until this point I never really understood why we frequently get people walking through our door asking, "this is consignment?" in a surprising voice. After walking into a few of the stores we visited I don't know if I would give consignment stores another chance. The smell, poor lighting, awful furniture, in awful condition (I am talking stains, rips, tears, pet hair, nasty nasty nasty...) would have me running and never looking back. I am sure its like everything else, a few bad apples can ruin the bunch. My goal for this post is to help educate people that there are amazing, clean, non smelling consignment stores out there that actually sell merchandise you would want in your home. So if by chance you have visited a consignment store recently and thought never again please come visit us and we will fill you in on the other "diamonds in the rough" that are out there.

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