Saturday, August 14, 2010

1940's Chair...anyone seen Sex And the City 2?

It's Saturday morning and we've had a nice little rush from Mama's Daughers Diner.  One such customer just commented on one of our new Carolina Girl sofa's..."It's the Sex And the City sofa our friend was just talking about at breakfast!  OM..I can't believe we just had that conversation and we walk in and here it is!"

This got my curiousity up and running so I did a little checking around the old internet, and it seems we have another piece that's very similar to the chairs in Carrie and Big's apartment.  They are 1940 chairs and they are for sale at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC.  Yep...they could be yours.

The Decorative Home Department of Bergdorf Goodman in New York City reports the actual chairs from the film are sitting on the 7th floor!  The chairs were designed by T.H. Robsjohn Gibbings in the 1940's and can be yours for $16,500! If you coveted the decor in this film and are looking to re-create your own nest for you and your Big, head on down.  We'll set you up with two 1940's style chairs at a savings of $15,302.00.  At this rate youcould afford to recover them in gray silk and still be ahead.

1940's Chair Texas Style

Just add you and "your" Big

Carrie and Big

And this gray velvet beauty is what started it all...

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