Friday, August 6, 2010

A Sneek Peek (as promised) The Girls have Arrived!

I was tweeting this morning @LHOConsignment about Santa's Sleigh pulling into our dock loaded with precious cargo, the new furniture line we've been waiting for since June!

Our excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation of this delivery can only be described as child-like.  As I peek under shrink wrap and try to pry open boxes to be sure Santa has filled our every wish I am happy to report our expectations are surpassed.

As promised here's a sneak peek of "The Girls"

As IF you need another reason to crank down the AC we give you Hot Tamale Girl. Sure to heat up any living area her traditional frame gets jazzed up with browns, reds, tweeds, faux skin and THREE decorator
pillows.  Her entourage includes a sassy ottoman and side chair.  All pieces will be sold separately.
This Limited Edition - American Made - Eco Friendly Sofa 

She's currently waiting on the dock to make her grand entrance

Sister Lazy Girl also arrived all bundled up

Lucky for us we happen to have her most recent glamour shot
@$699 she'll provide the perfect place to chill

Visit us soon for a chance to meet all the girls.  Sweetie Girl and Leopard Girl will knock your socks off and the Ball and Chain sectional. . .well you'll just have to see it for yourself.

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