Friday, August 27, 2010

This Weekend Make Offer on Red Dot Merch...please!

You could call it the Red Dot Sale as we've done on Facebook and Craigslist. Or possibly a more appropriate title would be the Cindy's Gotta Wild Hair Sale.

Either is fine.  You choose.

Here's the dealio:
  1. All items with a red dot on the tag are expired consignments or store inventory we're sick of looking at
  2. We encourage, strongly encourage you to make offers on red dot merchandise
  3. We will stay open tonight (Friday) until 7pm
  4. Saturday 9-5p
  5. Sunday 12 N - 4pm
Please note:  We have had some pretty aggressive offers accepted.  Do not be bashful - we are not afraid or insulted by any offer you may make.  Final decisions rest with the consignor - we will gladly call any of our consignors and give them the opportunity to sell their merchandise to you.

Items included are on the showroom floor, in our back dock area and the empty space next door.  My landlord would be very happy if we were able to clear out of his space. And consignors happy not to have to come collect their items.

Let's recap:  Come Shop.  Make Offers.  Buy Stuff.  Go Home and Decorate.

See you soon!


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