Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Thunder!

Thursday Thunder, the Thursday edition of What's New Wednesday.  Honoring the weekly update of new inventory and also paying our respects to Mother Nature who graciously spared us in last evening's storm.

I was working away in the back office after I locked the front door determined to get What's New Wednesday posted before leaving for the day, slightly frustrated by Internet connection problems and also ATT iPhone challenges (where many of my photos reside).  To say I was focused on my task at hand, oblivious to my surroundings might be an understatement.

Yes, I was aware of the raining and wind outside, both were hammering the skylight above me.  Hmmmm, big storm.  But what is that noise, that whining sound?  Is it our AC?  Our lights? Have they over heated and started to buzz like the old halogen light bulbs?  Irritated I walked out to the showroom, turned the off the AC and the lights taking a quick glance outside at the weather hammering Irving Blvd.  That darn humming, it won't go away!   Oh well, back to my task of posting What's New Wednesday when the phone rings, it's my hubs who informs me there is a Tornado headed to Irving Blvd and the Medical District!  "The Storm Sirens are sounding...can't you hear them"???  (Ohhhh, that's what that noise is).  I look out the window again to see a picture very similar to the one above.  "It can't be that bad...I see blue sky".  (I am obviously an optimist.)

After a short deliberation on staying put or racing home, I chose racing home and no pun intended I literally raced the storm all the way home.  As I passed thru the intersection of Forest and Preston 820 AM WBAP Radio reports "The storm has traveled to north Dallas currently the center of the storm is just south of LBJ at Forest and Preston"...are you kidding me?

I run in the house, Ray has the news on and we see this photo below flashing before our eyes!  This could have easily been a photo of LHO had the storm touched down just a couple miles earlier. 

We are so thankful and send our thoughts and prayers to those affected by this damaging storm. 
Tornado Damage Irving Blvd/Mockingbird

Now, as they say:  The SHOW Must Go ON!  This week, here is a smattering of new items you'll find on our showroom floor. 

Green Patina
Reusable Container - Do Not Destroy
Ideas from customers (Stool, Side Table and Coin Catcher - note the coin size slot in the top)

Vintage 1960's Metal Navy Recruitment Sign
30"x 41"
Fabulous Wall Decor!

Weathered Console
Base for Flat Screen?
Sofa Table?
Entry Piece?
Playroom Bench w/Storage?
This piece can multi-task like none other...
Open on back side to accommodate storage needs

Sides and Front finished in a yummy vintage creamy yellow
with bead board insets
72" x 22" x 26"
Framed and Matted Art
Antique 3-Drawer Chest
Peg Construction
42" x 17" x  28"
Rusted Finish Accent Table
23" x  24"

Three Drawer Heritage Furniture Chest

Antique Nutting Warehouse Cart
Faribault, MN
We have removed the handles to show as coffee table

 A note of thanks to all who are reading this.  We appreciate you helping to spread the word about LHO and our offerings.  We appreciate each kind word, each friend who walks through our door because you sent them, each click on our website, each subscription to our email and blog.
We are building our business with your help.

A special Thank You to our friends at Design Guide for the very nice
feature on their Blog this week.  Read all about us
and then click on the CONSIGNMENT tab to
shop for discounted treasures throughout Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth.
Another great resource and another site to shop for LHO Design & Consign Inventory.

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