Saturday, November 27, 2010

At Home with Cindy & from the kitchen

For our Anniversary/Thanksgiving Dinner Ray suggested I find some "gourmet" recipes we could cook together. I'm a huge fan of The Food Network and love to cook and recently Ray has joined me in the kitchen, readily assuming the role of Sous Chef!  Since I had just finished watching Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving Big Bite...I didn't have to look far for my inspiration.

Birthday Pork Roast
Red Devil Cranberry
Red Pepper/Three Cheese Ravioli with Basil Oil
Here's a little photo story of our day in the kitchen:

Basil Oil...easy and well worth the effort.  It tastes amazing!

With the purchase of our new pasta roller we actually read the instructions and followed them!  Which meant seasoning it with a practice round of pasta making.  Highly recommend the reading of instructions.

Time out to talk to Ray's daughter Stephanie calling from Seattle

Now, for the technical part.  Taking a 3# bone-in pork roast and cutting it open to stuff.  Again, following directions - key!

In the oven with the harvest veggies from Dallas Farmers Market.

Finally, time for a cocktail!

Now, the practice is over!  Time to create the Roast Red Pepper Ravioli, yikes!

                                          Sous Chef excellence in prep work!

When it's just the two of us there's no fancy table to dress.  Just food and football!
Recipes can be found HERE

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