Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's New Wednesday...Holiday! Alright Already.

I am not to proud to say I was a little taken back by the swift transition from Halloween to Holiday.  This past weekend during First Monday Trade Days in Canton, several of the vendors had "Decked their Halls" which is understandable considering there are only 8 days of "Holiday" selling in Canton; October 28-29-30-31 and December 1-2-3-4.  So that, I get.  Even as I watched shoppers and vendors stroll thru the grounds weaving between magical holiday decor and traditional fall Mums, it seemed okay.  For whatever worked.


Magical, whimsy Holiday

More Mums

It all seemed to work alright until Monday, the day I treat myself to a Starbucks, refill the refrigerator and catch up on details after being in Canton for 4-Days. 

WHAT is this?  Starbucks has full blown switched to Holiday!  Cups and Menu!!  Halloween was just YESTERDAY?  What?  No Thanksgiving??? How could this have happened?  This seems ridiculous.  Grumble, Grumble, Grumble...I'm off to the grocery store.

Are you kidding me?  Stacks and stacks of Candy Cane Taffy!!  I felt as though I had been living under a rock and while I was in Canton the entire metroplex decided it was "The Holidays"...WOW!  We've got some catching up to do.  (Plus, I think the trick or treat candy dish is still on the counter at the store.  YIKES!)

We are seriously behind the times.  I flashed back to 8th grade when the "cool girls" asked me if those were my brother's hand me down jeans I was wearing.  How embarrassing!  Everyone has transitioned to Holiday but us! 
Until Today.  My insanely talented sister in law Susan arrived from Seattle.  Susan worked for years for the famous Molbaks in Seattle - the home and garden store known for their displays AND she loves, loves, loves Christmas and holiday decor.  This is a match made in heaven!!  Susan worked all day unpacking the Holiday decor we received from showrooms last May as they cleared out their discontinued items.  Here's a little peek of what's happening back stage...tomorrow it's all out on the showroom floor along with our 10' tree! 

Holidays, here we come!

                                              Let us out!  Let us out!!
                                                  Ready for the Season...yes ma'am we are!
                                                        Enter Stage Left!

                                                          Holiday Vacation Home for Rent

                                                       Everyone has a job
                                                             Angels in the wings....

                                                   Yes he is!

                                                  Signs of the Season

                                                 Are we being mooned by the reindeer?
                                                 They seem so sweet!

                                                        Joy is a big boy!

                                                       Who can resist this face?
                                                          Patiently waiting . . .

Colorful, festive family

                                                          Nativity reminds us of the reason

                                                       Big Tex Snowman style                            

                                                                      Cookies anyone??

                                                        This one is soooo cute! 

                                                          You are always welcome                                  

                                           This is me swinging from the rafters because now
                                              we (LHO) are Holiday!!  Come See Us and
                                             meet Susan.  My Holiday Decor Angel.

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