Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's New Wednesday...over 100 items!

If you were to make a trip to Dallas Market Hall and the World Trade Center today you might feel as though you'd entered more of a demolition or construction zone rather than one of the worlds largest wholesale marketplaces.  Product is stacked from rails to ceilings for cash and carry buyers, displays and fixtures line the halls and showroom managers and reps look like they're filming an episode from a HGTV series; paint cans, tarps, plywood and hand tools are scattered through out.

All of the major showrooms are remodeling and re-merchandising in preparation for one of the largest wholesale markets each year...the Total Home and Gift Market which begins January 19th of 2011.  Showrooms that never sell samples have the halls at the WTC stacked high with discontinued product, making room for their respective shiny and trendy new offerings which are arriving daily all waiting patiently in pallets to be included in what's sure to be a spectacular display of merchandising come January.

So, what does this mean to you?  It means What's New Wednesday is all about the 100+ items we picked up from our friends at the WTC this week.  It means, you have the opportunity to buy home decor straight from the showroom at wholesale prices; just in time to spruce up the pad for the Holidays.

Merchandise includes: Lamps, Console Tables, Nesting Tables, Mirrors, Art, Furniture and Accessories Galore!  (Mercury Glass, Baskets, Pottery, Metal Planters, Picture Frames, Wine Cabinets, Wood Accents, Colored Glass, Serving Trays, etc, etc).  Tons of great gift items!

The past two days we have been at market packing and's a little recap and sneak peak at What's New!

                                                  Monday - we head out to pack it up!

 Kate and Cindy to market. . .
Two Girls in a Truck

                            4 PM Monday - We have boxes and tubs full of wonderful decor goodness

Lining the halls at WTC

                                                  Stacks and stacks, I was not exaggerating!

Piled high in the halls
(note the pallet off in the distance)

It seems as it goes on for miles and miles when you are packing

                                             And it does!

Tuesday, we bring it to you...@ LHO

We love everything!

Amazing Holiday accent/entertaining pieces

                                           Our intake table..which we were selling off of
                                            as we unpacked yesterday!

Darling Sage Velvet Chair...looks so much better here than in the Hall

Mango Wood...this is gorgeous

Mango Wood Mirror to accompany the console table

Fun, Funky Ottomans!

                                             French storage/island...who doesn't
                                              need more wine storage?

Whew!  It's been a big week already and it's only Wednesday.  Better get offline and get busy readying the LHO showroom for your arrival!

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