Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's New Wednesday!

Happy December y'all! 

As I have been thinking about his week's blog post I've been pondering something...

Is it (Women are from Venus) human nature or social conditioning which makes us feel like we want to spit shine our shacks before company arrives?  If you're like me, you start looking around the house and all of the sudden that empty wall stands out like a sore thumb.  The love seat in the family room should really be a sofa...all of these things which I have lived with for months, now seem like items to be placed at the top of my "to do" list prior to Christmas. 

I know I'm not alone because I've had this conversation with many of you over the past couple of weeks as you shop for an additional chair, an area rug, some lamps for the guest room or a mirror for the powder room.  Regardless of the root cause...we hope you are finding the perfect pieces to give you peace as your company begins to arrive this holiday season.

Here's What's New at LHO this week:

                                                     This is a great drop front wine cabinet...double click
                                         on the photo to bring up the "enlarged" size to view the shelves and wine X
                                                 in the bottom and drawers at the very top.

                                                         Counter top display

                                                Leatherette stacking trunks - okay, these are not
                                                   a new item, but I love them!  Why haven't
                                                      they sold??? 

                              Nice little curio with glass shelves could easily be re purposed as a bar

                                             Very Restoration Hardware-esk

                                                    Fill in the holes with new accessories

                                    Art and Mirrors - currently we have a good selection of both

                                             Large Metal Texas Flag  - the manufacture is discontinuing
                                          this item.  It's weird, but they didn't really sell that well anywhere other
                                          than Texas!  Imagine that?  We have the remaining 7 flags.
                                          Perfect for the porch, pool house, dockominium or lake house.

What else is new? 

We have a new friend and an excuse (as if we really need an excuse) to visit Austin!  Meet Lisa B. Gaynor, Proprietor of Design it with Consignment in Austin, Texas.

Lisa happened to be in Dallas on Tuesday and made a special effort to visit LHO Design & Consign.  She introduced herself as "a fan from afar"... it seems Lisa found us a few months ago as she was noodling around on the web and has been keeping tabs on us since.  This is high praise coming from one of the leading resale entrepreneurs in the country.  Check out her website and be sure to include a visit to Design it with Consignment during your next jaunt to Austin! 

I'm looking at my calendar for possible road trip dates...I'm thinking after the Holidays to be sure I visit Lisa in her new store.  The link below shows both locations.

Current location and NEW location in January


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