Thursday, January 6, 2011

Canton New Years

This past weekend was the January 2011 Canton First Monday Trade Days!  The first show of the new year is behind us.  The weather was beautiful, especially on Thursday and Friday (by evidence of the attire in the photos below) a little chilly on Saturday but we were prepared!

It's hard to believe but we have been selling in Canton for three years!  I'm thankful we are no longer in the tent just outside the Arbors next to the blue bathrooms.  :-)

Canton December 2009

Last year, it was bitter cold and all we had to heat our little space was the trusty heat dish and the company of customers excited to show us photos of the signs they had purchased from us!

Canton December 2010

As you may recall,  in April we had the opportunity to move to a much larger location (still on Row 46) with three times the space!

This year, we pulled out all the stops and installed a heating station (aka patio heater) for customers to enjoy and help thaw out while shopping First Monday.

Remember this photo?  Well, that thumb and hot pink phone belongs to Charlotte.  This year she brought her hubby Greg to look for another sign for the boat house on Cedar Creek.  Notice how cozy they are with that patio heater, they were shopping on Saturday!

It was a big weekend for locals, we saw a lot of DFW residents with places on Cedar Creek, a few of them were good sports and let me snap some pics!

The Briggs Family 

                                                         Dennis and Ashton with Gracie

If you haven't made it out to Canton First Monday Trade Days - it's an experience unlike many others!  Always the weekend BEFORE the first Monday of each month, the February show dates are:

Thursday, February 3rd - Sunday, February 6th.

Wait a minute!  Isn't there another event happening on February 6th in Arlington at Jerry World?  Sunday night be a great day to plan a Football Widows Day and prevent you from pretending to be interested in a sporting event and then cleaning up after those who do!  Just a thought.

Especially if you happen to be in the market for Rain Boots!

Happy Shopping!

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