Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Monday. We are OPEN and it's Give Away Day!

It's Super Bowl Monday, February 7th, 2011 and we will be OPEN  regular business hours today:  10 am - 5:30 pm.  

And it's Give Away Day!
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For many of us, we watch the Super Bowl simply to see the Super Bowl Commercials.  And then spend alot of time on Facebook, Twitter and around the water cooler spouting our opinions of which ones were best.
Today, we're providing the virtual water cooler and a chance to   win a $50 Visa Gift Card just by posting your opinions.  At the bottom of this post click on Post a Comment and tell us what was your favorite and least favorite Super Bowl Commercial.

If you can't remember the Ads 
(not a good sign for big money advertisers) 
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The winner will be chosen at random from all the comments posted between 12:01 am February 7th and 12:00 midnight on February 12th.  We will announce our winner on this blog Saturday morning, February 13th.  Please include your I.D. with your case you WIN!

Speaking of winning, congratulations to Green Bay Packers Fans
 on winning
Super Bowl 45 at Cowboy Stadium!!

Now don't procrastinate!   Post your comments! Share your opinions on the commercials so we can have ourselves a little giveaway! 

I'm excited to see everyone's feedback.  And we're only talking about the commercials...not the half time show.  There's not enough space in our comment box to cover that topic!  :-)

Happy Monday - Cindy


Tabitha Frohardt-Johnson said...

FUN FUN! I loved the VW Bug commercial with the beetle racing through the rain forest! VW also hit a home run with the Darth Vader kid commercial.

I found the Go Daddy commercial a repeat from years past and the Pizza Hut commercial was a total waste of money! I honestly was embarrassed for the actors. They need a new advertising company!

Jodi McCauley said...

Not sure if I qualify to win or not, but I want to play favorite commercial was the Groupon "whale watching" commercial that aired right before kick-off. Apparently I am the only one who liked Groupons approach (they are getting ripped to shreds online) but I thought they were hilarious!

Another good one was Verizons iPhone commercial. I was expecting it to be an Apple or AT&T ad and wad pleasantly surprised when I saw the Verizon guy. Good execution and effect I thought.

I wad not a fan of the bud light "remodel" commercial. Stupid and boring.

There you have two, non-qualifying, cents!

MK said...

I liked a lot of them ... However, the ones that I remember today are Go Daddy, Mercedes, VW, Chrysler.

And from those my #1 is ... Chrysler!
I love the way they used Detroit as the star of the commercial with Eminem. Because of that spot - I want to see a concert at The Fox. And I'm curious to see what their products are like - I never thought I'd say that! And I bet those who live and work in Detroit are loving the attention w/ such a positive message! Great job Chrysler - you took a risk!

Kimberly Hellstrom

The Harkners said...

The snickers commercial with Roseanne was awesome!

Also, is is lame to get choked up about the Chrysler one for Detroit? Wow. That and the one they showed right before the game started with Michael Douglas...

"Can you imagine what life would be like if THEY didn't persevere through an era that was far from great. If HE never asked 'What You Can Do For Your Country', if HE didn't dream..." I'm getting all teary right now just thinking about it. We live in an amazing country where we are free to worship as we choose, love who we choose and where everyone has the potential to be great.

Oh man! I think it's time for my medication or something LOL! Sniff.

Mochazelle said...

Well, let's see. Since I was only able to catch the commercials during the first half (thank you AT&T Uverse!) my favorite commercial was the VW Darth Vader kid. He was sooo stinkin cute. My least favorite was the Sketchers Kim Kardashian commercial. I'm so over the Kardashians (sigh).

tonya said...

I was actually on an airplane during the Super Bowl this year but I did watch the recaps on the Today Show this morning. Can't stand Justin Bieber and totally didn't get that ad - HORRIBLE!

CJ said...

Ditto on the Kardashians!

sweet_b said...

Two ads are tied for my's between the VW Darth Vader commercial, too cute and the Detroit/Eminem commercial which was really powerful. Least favorite would have to be Kim Kardashian for Sketchers. The commercial was expected and the fact that at the end a guy was wearing those horrible shoes terrifies me.

Grig said...

My favorite commercial was Chrysler's - the one with Eminem. It was beautifully shot and had a great message.

The Go Daddy commercial was my least favorite one - it was boring and not original at all. :(

Thanks for doing this giveaway! :) If I win, my email is grig at gmx dot com

Marjorie Miller said...

Comment on the Super Bowl ads -
The worse one was the Snickers Roseanne Barr ad.Not at all funny like last years Betty White Snickers ad.
The very BEST one was the child Darth Vadar who is so surprised when he finally achieves power over something, the family car, but his father is watching from the house window and remotely starts the car.Loved,loved,loved that one!!Marjorie Miller -