Saturday, February 12, 2011

We have a winner...

Thanks to all who played along this week, sharing your Super Bowl Commercial
 likes and dislikes.

The opinions were varied and had the Roseanne Barr/Snickers commercial in both 
the BEST an WORST category.  I'd missed that I pulled it up this morning and posted it below.

Our winner of the $50 VISA gift card
was selected using the old fashioned random drawing pulling our winner from a USA baseball cap. 

Congratulations:  GRIG!  

Grig's feedback on the commercials:

"My favorite commercial was Chrysler's - the one with Eminem. It was beautifully shot and had a great message."

WATCH the Chrysler Commercial Here

Honorable Mention goes to VW and Darth Vader.  Not only did most of you put this in your LIKE category, it's received over 27,802,000 views on YouTube
So cute!

Thanks to all who played and commented on the post.

We love your feedback and welcome comments and opinions always!  

Happy Sunny Saturday,


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