Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray it's almost POOL DAY!

Even baby Madison is excited about Pool Day!
Two months old tomorrow, March 18th

LHO's Pool Day HQ Corner features:

Smash Tote/Aqua OPEN

Smash Tote/Paisley/CLOSED and buckled 
They are water resistant and wipe clean.
Collapse and throw in your car or boat...
Open and throw in your towels and wet suits for the ride home.
Genius.  $36.00

Terry Chaise cover with hood for the back of your chair (keep the cover in place, which we LOVE)
and side pockets for your
Coppertone, sunglasses, cell phone and smut novel

Three chaise cover designs to choose from, a must have @ $40.00

Terry drawstring Beach Towel Bags $19.00
24" deep with interior pocket

Canvas Totes with Beach/Pool Towel  $21.00

Check out our selection of insulated coolers for every occasion!  First up, the insulated backpacks.  Great for concerts, arboretum events, picnics, pool days or a trip to the lake. 

First step, gather the contents

Select a color


Insulated coolers with a headline:  FFF= Forced Family Fun!  "Like it or not kids, we ARE going to have fun today.  Period."

$30 and it's yours to torture your children with

We also have the bright, pretty insulated totes...the perfect accessory

As usual, because we're dealing with Market Samples our inventory is limited.   Can't wait to see ya!


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