Monday, May 2, 2011

The Garden Sage

Sedum.  Succulents.  Hens - n - Chicks.  Whatever you call them.  I love them.  

They are the sweetest (mostly) little plants that literally can and will grow in almost any sunny, sandy location without demanding much from the gardener!  They are the perfect landscape partner if you're looking for unconditional love.  

Succulents are water retaining plants that store much of their water in their leaves, stems, and roots so they can survive and thrive where others may just fade away.  Some consider them an old fashioned plant  - as grandma surely had succulents growing in her rock garden, a rock wall or along a path.  

This past weekend in Canton, I visited with the Mother of All Things Sedum and Succulent, Kim Strickland owner of The Garden Sage.

Kim is a transplant from Alabama, lives in East Texas with her hubs and two teenage boys and loves to get her hands dirty.  They started their nursery in 2007 to share their love of Succulents.  Kim is warm and charming and passionate about her was difficult to break away from her succulent space  and get back to work at Lakehouse Outfitters!

Kim at her booth in Canton.  And yes, she is as nice as as looks!!

Her prices are great and the plant health was amazing - nothing root bound!!

Several Varieties to chose from - Kim sells this sampler tray 
of 50 cuttings for $15.00

 Kim showing me the Stapelia bloom that resembles a Star Fish

One of my favorite displays at The Garden Sage that now has me searching for a 
Strawberry Pot!  The top beauty is a Echeveria Rosy Glow

Love, Love, Love the mix in this planter!

You can find Kim on Etsy, in Canton or via email at:

Happy Planting!


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