Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's New Wednesday!

Yes, it's shameless to use baby Madison to promote our products.  Or, it might just be that I'm using our products as a shameless excuse to show you pictures of baby Madison.  Either way - it's shameless and I don't even care!  The Grandma bug has bitten me bad.

This cute little face is now floating on the home page of Lakehouse Outfitters' new website and online store!  A project we have been talking about since last October and finally, in April we bit the bullet and decided to Git R Done!  Thanks to our customers who shop with us in Canton from all across the country who have been begging us to PLEASE make our products available to buy online.   And so we did.

Visit us at your convenience - shopping in PJs is always fun.  And be sure to check out our Lake Lifestyle page and join our community.  We hope this website becomes your website, not just ours.

Click here to visit the new site

Thanks for stopping in and as always, for your support.

Cindy aka Madison's Kiki

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Green Acres Glory!

Whew!  Is it just me or is it HOT?  

And this blog makes me think the heat is making me a little silly.  But I can't help it, these pieces are so cute!  Yesterday we ran over the the Dallas World Trade Center to pick up 50 samples from the IMAX showroom as they scurry to prepare for the Dallas Home and Gift Market which begins next week, June 23rd.  
As always, the IMAX samples are trendy, offer good values and range from novel to traditional.  This pull was no different.  We brought back beautiful glass canisters, candle sticks, bowls, vases, picture frames and console tables and wall decor.  But what really tickled my fancy were the items featured below. 
They make me smile!  
They are whimsy, charming, summer appropriate and make me want to run to the sofa, turn on the TV and surf to find and watch at least 10 episodes of Green Acres!

Among the 50 pieces, my Favorites are:

A bedazzled Arnold piggy bank!  

Metal Farm Animal friends.

Enamel tin canisters and coffee pots with old fashioned fruit box labels.

Planters for the patio shaped like wagons

And beverage tins with the perfect gingham designs in garden fresh colors.  

This photo should answer the question why aren't there more photos?  The images we received did not take a liking to our blog format.  Or was it that the blogger didn't format the pictures. . . 

Oh well.  You get the idea.  
If your patio needs some perking up just head our way.
We'll get you fixed up!