Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's New Wednesday!

Yes, it's shameless to use baby Madison to promote our products.  Or, it might just be that I'm using our products as a shameless excuse to show you pictures of baby Madison.  Either way - it's shameless and I don't even care!  The Grandma bug has bitten me bad.

This cute little face is now floating on the home page of Lakehouse Outfitters' new website and online store!  A project we have been talking about since last October and finally, in April we bit the bullet and decided to Git R Done!  Thanks to our customers who shop with us in Canton from all across the country who have been begging us to PLEASE make our products available to buy online.   And so we did.

Visit us at your convenience - shopping in PJs is always fun.  And be sure to check out our Lake Lifestyle page and join our community.  We hope this website becomes your website, not just ours.

Click here to visit the new site

Thanks for stopping in and as always, for your support.

Cindy aka Madison's Kiki

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