Friday, August 12, 2011

Pickin'....and Grinning!

This Moving Sale business is fun!  We should have decided to move months ago.  Now I "get" the retailers who seem to have the NEVER ENDING moving sale.  It works, it drives business and truthfully it kinda makes you wish you weren't moving.

But we are moving.  And at this rate it may be sooner than later.

The sale is going so well, we're starting to look like we've already moved!  Not to fear, we can't STAND the look of a picked over space especially since we've got so much time left to source wonderful finds and make sure we don't disappoint customers who take the time to shop L.H.O.

Yesterday, I googled LHO just for fun, and found a new flattering review on Yelp!  This really got me to thinking about that old saying, you only have one chance to make a first impression.  So as long as our doors are open at 2100 Irving Blvd - we will work hard to insure it's a good one.  Just as it (apparently) was for Missy the Mouth.

Missy's review:
This is my little favorite find. I have walked in very few consignment stores and my heart starts jumping! The owners are fabulous! Fine furniture, old furniture.. PRICED RIGHT...    

Which brings us to today.  We are on the road. Out pickin!  On the hunt for new treasures to insure you continue to have a wonderful experience when you take the time, make the effort and include L.H.O. Design & Consign in your day.

Where we're going and what we'll find is yet unknown.  Just know this - we are on it.

We'll post an update tonight with the results (hopefully we have results).  In the meantime, if you've had your eye on a piece at the store.  Get down here before someone else buys it!  ALL consignments are 25% off current pricing - no exclusions on consignment inventory;  everyone is playing along now.

Also, new CLEARANCE table with prices marked 50% off.



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