Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh Idaho. . .

I love the weather in Texas.   Especially this time of year.
I love not having to shovel snow or deal with driving in it.
I love that my power was less than $200 last month.
I love that I was sweating last week in Canton.

But I do have to say I miss the beautiful scenery of Idaho.

 February 16th, 2012 
Donnelly, Idaho

February 16th, 2012 
Donnelly, Idaho
Cascade Lake Frozen Over

Donnelly, Idaho

Donnelly, Idaho

Cascade Lake
Late Summer

Whitetail Deer

Fall in the Valley

Lakeside Golf anyone? 

Ski Lift at the top of the Brundage Mountain at sunset today - Wednesday 3/7

This and the few photos that follow were captured by the live WEB CAMs at Brundage Mountain Ski Resort and Hotel McCall in Downtown McCall, Idaho

Payette Lake, McCall Idaho
Frozen with a blanket of snow covering

Downtown  - the lake side drive in front of Hotel McCall.  

 Downtown McCall at Sunset
The street lamps and the snow the rooftops make this photo look almost storybook like

The Marina on Payette Lake, McCall Idaho
Sleeping quietly,  covered in a thick sheet of ice and blankets of snow
patiently waiting the spring thaw

When it will look like this!

Click HERE to learn more about this area of central Idaho

And if you have a few more minutes - check out the web cams for this area by clicking the link below.

Area Web Cams

Special thanks to my BFF Marva Don for sending me the Donnelly photos.  I do miss the beauty of Idaho and YOU my dearest friend of 36 years!

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