Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Friday! Let's have a Pinterest Party!

We love Pinterest and the inspiration it provides.

As we roll into the weekend we found several pins that work together for the perfect weekend gathering.  We had to share!

What to wear pinned via Karen Fairchild:

What to drink by eating.  Upside Down Oranges!! Pinned via Pamela Tingle Bines

Upside Down Orange: 1 large orange 1 small bottle vodka Remove top stem part of the orange. With a knife, gently poke insides of the orange to open up the pulps. Open vodka bottle and insert into the hole. Rest orange in a small bowl, vodka bottle side up. Put in the chiller. Wait for 6-8 hours. When orange has absorbed vodka, remove bottle. Slice into wedges and enjoy. Perfect for concerts/drive in movies/football games:))

Where to keep the beverages you actually drink cold.  Pinned via Carrie Caviccia Koshenka

Summertime Beverage Cooler - The Giant Red Solo Cup! 1) Get a large trash can; 2) Get red and white paint; 3) Create! Perfect for a drink bin!

Where to gather.  Pinned via HouseBeautiful

If you don't happen to have this back yard - any place with friends and family is perfect!

All pins compliments of our collaboration board - Lake Girls Love where we have over 25 talented women pinning and sharing.  We hope you'll join us - follow us and we'll follow you back!  Click the link below to join our party!

Happy Friday Y'all!  


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