Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 Lakes in 30 Days - Day Four

Lake Sharing . . .

Well, we didn't say 30 Lakes in 30 consecutive days.  (thank goodness).

Today, we catch up and return to our mission of sharing the amazing photos and lakes that are loved by our facebook fans and family.  

We must start this post by thanking Lynn Webb for sharing the photos . . especially of her nephew Jack fishing on his birthday and catching a prize catfish!
Today's feature lake:

Boone Lake, Tennessee
Named after. . . you guessed it!  Daniel Boone, one of the great American Explorers of our time.  

Boone Lake

This is Jack and his Aunt tells us he loves to fish!  

This is Jack on his Birthday - catching a big 'ol catfish!
This is what Lake Life is ALL ABOUT!

Boone Reservoir was named for the frontiersman Daniel Boone, who played a vital role in the history of the area. Daniel Boone was a pioneer who cut a trail through the wilderness, opening up a gateway to the West. For more information on Boone Lake and the surrounding area and amenities check out Boone Lake Info Website

Looks like Tennessee has more to offer than country music after all.

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

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