Friday, July 19, 2013

30 Lakes in 30 Days - Day Two

Lake Sharing. . .

Earlier this week we casually mentioned on our facebook page that we would love to see photos from fans introducing us to their favorite lake.  The lake they love so much.

Within minutes we were getting so many fantastic photos we decided we needed to share with the world! 

Today's post compliments of Ashley Marcin Eaton

Barren River Lake located in Lucas, Kentucky
Over 10,000 acre lake surrounded by rolling, tree covered hills.

Barren River Lake just after a big storm

Apparently the geese love it there too

Upon further snooping we found there are several cabins, lodges and parks to enjoy should you decide to check it out for yourself.  Along with at least one Marina with boat and jet ski rentals, The Barren River Lake State Park Marina.  Click HERE to check them out.  

For information on lodging and camping - check out the Kentucky State Parks site

What a wonderful photo escape - hope you enjoy!

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