Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake House Decor - what canoe do with the things you love? We show you here

If you own a lake house you probably spend a good amount of time searching for the perfect lake house decor.  Searching, seeking, picking and digging is part of the experience and can be oh so rewarding.

When asked what makes decorating the lake house any different than a "regular" house my answer is always the same.  "You don't want your lake house to look like your regular house."

Case in point.

Would you want this for your regular house entry?

No?  But wouldn't it make a fantastic entry at the lake? This entry would set the stage for the lake house decor once your guests pass the threshold.

Now let's say you were looking for a focal point for an entry.  Well, at your regular house I doubt if your decorator would suggest hanging a boat or canoe from the ceilings.  But here...lake house decor rules the roost!

Just add lighting for an amazing chandelier

And who wouldn't want this for their study or work room at the lake or cabin?

Finally, we all know all to well that you never know how many friends you have until you own a lake house.  It's a corny saying that holds a lot of truth.  So entertaining guests might be high on your priority lists and (again) we want it to reflect our love of the lake.

Entertaining made easy  = serve yourself.  
And there's no better beverage vessel than one that used to float.  Just look at what you canoe with these vintage boats.  And if you happen to operate an event or catering company that caters to lake loving clients - one of these is a must have.  Perfect for a lakeside wedding or family reunion.

Click here to view our Vintage Boat Inventory

And for all other lake house decor please visit us online where you'll find our most popular lake decor items available 24/7.  

Happy Lakeorating!


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