Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On the way to the lake

Most of us have experienced the stress that leaves our bodies as soon as we pile in the car, buckle up and are on the road to the lake house.  It's an amazing feeling.  For the next hour or two (if you're lucky) your sub conscience is preparing your mind and body to be On Lake Time.

The closer you get to the lake house the more roadside treasures you start to see.
This past week we were delighted by stands selling fresh fruit and veggies along with the mega-fireworks vendors who surely sold out of product as the fireworks show from across the lake was spectacular!   

Here are a few of our favorite snaps from this past week while we were On Lake Time.

This nice man was set up roadside selling out of his pick up truck.  

We found these beauties at the local farmers market.  
Pretty hard to beat a perfectly ripe peach unless it's a sliced ripe peach on top of homemade vanilla ice cream  Just sayin'

Fresh garden grown tomatoes grown locally which made the best pico served with corn chips made from corn tortillas.  WARNING:  you may never again buy store packaged tortilla chips

(pico and corn tortilla how to in our next blog post - coming soon)

This photo is a little blurry because it was taken from the car as we passed by.  
A return visit with cash in hand was put on our July 3rd To Do List.

Hope you made some new memories at the lake this past weekend and found a few roadside treasures along the way.


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