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Guest Article - How To Create A Lake House That Works For Everyone

As a small business owner, it's such a compliment to have someone write about us and quote our Crew Boss, Cindy. Thanks to Jessica Johnson for including Lakehouse Outfitters in her recent article about lake life.

August 26, 2014

Decorating the lake house is a hassle... said no one ever. In fact, if you’re anything like Cindy at Lakehouse Outfitters, you think of it as a joy and are excited because you have more "creative freedom" than you do with a traditional house in the city/suburbs. Creating a lake house that works for everyone is all about a relaxed, fun, family friendly environment where the "rules of decor" are often thrown out the window. Here's a few tips on how to:

Create a Lake House That Works for Everyone

personalized vintage lake signs, signs for the lake house, lake house signsSo, what's the first thing that you do after you buy a lake house?
Buy a personalized sign! Nothing says welcome home like a sign made just for you. According to Cindy, “we hear this time and time and time again... I'm closing on a lake house and the first thing I'm going to do once the papers are signed is buy a sign”. Their best selling Lake House Sign, says Cindy is RED STRIPE #570. It has three lines to
personalize, is available in wood or metal and comes in three sizes. The colors are rich and the subject matter is great, too. Starting at $81.00, there’s no wonder why this particular sign is so popular.

The next thing you do is buy a boat or PWC. Anyone can learn how to operate personal watercraft vehicles, or PWCs safely. Older adults and individuals as young as 13 can take the $20 state boater education course online. After passing the test, you can lawfully operate powerboats, PWCs, and windblown vessels anywhere on state waters forever since the card never expires.

This is when you realize that you need a boat lift. It is essential that you have a reliable way to secure your new PWCs for both long term storage and during storms. According to Shane, an executive at Legacy Lifts a Texas-based custom cargo lifts company, an example of reliable components are those "built from T6 Aluminum and welded seams, custom-sized to your boat ". Very James Bond-like.

The next thing is to have a party. Inviting all your friends over at once makes the most since for a lake house warming; but definitely try to keep your clean up to a minimum. Shatterproof wine glasses and multiple towel racks are some essentials to get you started. Broken glass and water is not something you want your guests tracking all through your house. Trust me.

Finally, you realize it's true

you never know how many friends you have until you own a lake house

Let’s discuss what first things you did after buying a lake house in the comments below...

About the author: Jessica Johnson is a freelance writer and fellow lake house lover. Follow her on Twitter.

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