Saturday, September 19, 2015

Memories Are Made At The Lake

One of the things we love most about lake life is sharing it with friends and family.  It sounds cliche' but it's true - Memories are made at the lake!  How else could you explain four girls (all entering their sophomore year at Baylor University) willingly spending one of the first weekends back on campus with the old folk?

Don't get me wrong, we're fun and most people love our company.  And by most I'm speaking of adults between the ages of 40-65.  NOT 18-19 and almost 20.

Our niece Dylan, conned her roomies into a weekend at Auntie Cindy and Uncle Ray's lake house on Cedar Creek Lake recently and we had a blast.  It was the first time we'd met Dylan's roomies...and well . . .it was interesting.

They were all very nice and polite for the most part - but we were surprised by one of our little house guests who we had been "sold" as a lake girl from way back.  Her family has a lake house outside of Chicago that's been in the family since the 1960's.  With this information came some assumptions on our part.  And you know what they say about assuming.  Makes an A_ _  out of you and me.

This lakegirl:
- afraid of bugs
- afraid of geckos
- complained that the boat ride was too rough
- acted nervous about tubing
- whined that the wet life jacket was too cold
(you get the idea)

Meet Dylan's lakegirl roomie Miss Callie - as you can see, she makes herself right at home.

Her name is Callie - don't make the mistake of calling her KELLY.
Callie likes to say she's from Chicago - but she's really from Algonquin (although she has a tough time pronouncing her own home town)

She's very tall and blonde.  Apparently - the blond part is important because she will only date blonde boys.  She went on and on about a boy named Ben.  We only hope he is as fond of Callie as she is of him.

She's a little sarcastic, pretty competitive and doesn't like to lose.  This became evident as her team lost at several games of water volleyball during her visit.

When she loses, she takes it out on others.
 And it would appear she's not outgrown the toddler habit of pulling hair when she's frustrated.  
In case you are wondering, is Dylan laughing or crying?  She was crying.
Mishalya is smiling because it's not her hair that's being pulled and Ashton is smiling because they get to leave tomorrow.  

Which brings me back to my opening paragraph.  
Memories Are Made At The Lake
some you never forget

Authors Note:  Callie loves to hack into her roommates phones and laptops and send emails and texts.  She's quite the prankster.  So....we thought it would be fun to prank Callie and create a mock blog.  
Which we did - only to find out she loved it and wanted to show her family - so now it's LIVE with Callie's permission.  This is a great group of young ladies who love Jesus and each other.  We were honored and blessed to have them as our guests.  Can't wait for round two!

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