Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Vacation "Cedar Creek Style"...

We recently had the opportunity to meet Jeff Nelson, owner of Nelson's Landing in Gun Barrel City.  Jeff made a point to seek us out earlier this month in Canton and then recently dropped by LHO to check out the store.  As we were talking I realized he owned a very cool vacation home on Cedar Creek that I had happened across online several times.  So under the heading of sharing and social networking take a look at Nelson's Landing.

Ray and I have this habit of planning our next vacation while on vacation or visiting friends and family; if you find yourself in this situation over the next couple of weeks, check out Nelson's Landing.  It's the perfect place for a family reunion - something for everyone of all ages and only minutes away from shopping in GBC and less than an hour from Dallas. 

Unfortunately, this spectacular Cedar Creek vacation home is booked until after the first of the year; thank goodness it's never too early to start planning your next vacation! 

Uncle Eddie:  Clark, how'd you score this place for our Christmas vacation?  Your Christmas bonus must have been a good one this year!

Clark:  The real question is how did you and cousin Catherine find us here at Nelson's Landing?

Uncle Eddie:  facebook

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