Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Giveaway Day at

                                                    Meet Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman

First of all, thank you facebook!  Had it not been for one of my "friends" posting her families delight with her dinner choice and the  recipe for Mushroom and Swiss Sliders back in the summer I may never have discovered The Pioneer Woman.  What a shame that would have been! 

Her recipes are never fail, her content and photography is aw inspiring and her sense of humor right up my alley.  She's generous with her knowledge, her life experiences and her gifts; as demonstrated in today's post Giveaway Day where she's giving away not one but THREE of these candy apple red Kitchen Aid stand mixers, a set of end-all be-all knives and fabulous HP Photosmart eStation All-In-One printer.

Can you say Merry Christmas? 

Enter by clicking HERE it's EZ

As you'll see when you visit her site, Ree describes herself as a desperate housewife. She lives in the country. She channels Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman.

Should Ms Drummond and I have the chance to meet we can compare stories about living on the ranch and cooking.  I was raised in a ranch-rodeo family in the middle of no-where Montana, also known as Geyser, Montana.  At age six (6) I was often given a choice between herding cattle or staying home (by myself) to cook lunch for the crew.  Typically I chose to stay home and cook lunch, standing at the stove on top of a dining room chair to reach the controls and monitor the meal. 
I have to say, I made a pretty darn good pan fried T-Bone steak back then.

Geyser, Montana

Yep, this is me headed out on a day I didn't get to stay home and cook!
1965 Geyser, Montana

Papa Leo Woodbury (my dad, Jodi's Papa) getting ready to rope earlier this
month (12/10/2010) in Las Vegas at the World Series Team Roping Championship
He's still got it!

                                          Three generations of Woodbury - my niece Dylan (L)

Love ya Dad, wouldn't trade my heritage and history for all
the Kitchen Aid mixers in the world. . .but
I would love to win one!

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