Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Accessory SAMPLES Week at LHO... it's What's New!

Wholesale retail buyers from across the country are most likely packing their suitcases at this very moment.  This week tens of 1000's of  retail buyers will be visiting Dallas to attend the 2011 Total Home and Gift Market at the Dallas Trade Mart and Dallas World Trade Center, running the 19th - 25th of this month.

In preparation of the big January market many of the showroom managers are charged with replacing the older showroom samples with the shiny new samples.  Often, it's the slightest change in the product that will send a sample packing it's not aways a case of the product being discontinued.

This past week, we received an invitation to take almost 80 pieces from the IMAX showroom.  They have great accessories and even better values.  Below, are images from their catalog of the items we currently have available at LHO at or below the wholesale pricing. 

When a wholesale buyer is at market placing orders for her store she will be required to place a minimum opening order (ranging from $250 - $1500) with each showroom.   This is one reason buying samples has become so popular with local buyers.  Buying samples is a great way to get product and avoid the minimum requirements.  You can simply buy one charger, not the minimum of 4 that might be required due to the packaging.  

We are so exited to offer this buying opportunity to you, our customers.  Buying Samples at LHO is available to everyone, not just those with a resale tax permit which is also required for entry into the wholesale market and to place a wholesale order.

It's Home Accessory SAMPLES Week at L.H.O. Design and Consign! 
Happy Shopping!

NOTE TO SELF:  Don't get new computer and new grand baby at the same time.  Madison has captured my entire attention span...have to figure out blog photos next week (hopefully)...


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