Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wonderful East Texas Piney Woods finds from our excursion this past weekend.  If you're into industrial, re purposing, interesting and will no doubt enjoy this batch of goodies!

                                                Several Industrial Base Side/Accent Tables

                                             Double Door Storage Bench, very old!
                                          Love the patina and hardware, perfect entry piece

                                                      We have a PAIR of these wonderful
                                                     bookcases, with handles no less
                                                       Nightstands revisited?

                                             Trunks, Carts and the color red are the rage...
                                               This cutie has all three, it's a red trunk on wheels

                                                       Three PAIRS of wonderful, green wood
                                                   shutters.  Hang as art, as a headboard or entry
                                                          Note how tall they are in relationship
                                                      to the exit sign over the door (103" H)

                                              As we were hunting in the Piney Woods our customer
                                           decided to re-do and consign these contemporary chairs

The base of this table is an Airplane Lift!
Table Top measures 42x 72

                                          This country pine family dining table is amazing
                                                60" and perfect for the farmhouse

See you soon!  Call the store (214-748-4500) for prices and availability.  We've actually sold a few pieces right off the dock before we could get the photos on this post.

Next week - samples from market as they ready themselves for the January Home and Gift Show for wholesale buyers around the country.

Stay WARM!

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