Friday, February 4, 2011

Are you allowed to decorate the Man Cave?

I've heard many women comment that they are "off limits" when it comes to decorating one room in the house; the Man Cave.  Others, are fully engaged with a strong sense of design focused on the specific interests of their respective M-A-N.

Today we feature wall decor and furniture deemed Man Cave worthy.  If you happen to be in the "off limits" category feel free to forward this to your M-A-N.

Wall Decor:

Game Day signs 14"x 24"  
$65 each

Cattlemen's Bar  28" x 48" $191

Barrel End Sign 23"  $114

18" x 30"  $97

18" x 30" $97

Tortilla Flats 11" x 32"  $43

Limited Edition Texas Flag (Metal) $125


Club Chair from Wooded River

Cedar Cabinet - western/hunting/lakey  $100

                                      Perfect game table and it's only $65 and the chairs $75 each

Ball and Chain Sectional - on SALE $1050
Super Seating for a SuperBowl watching party

SilkRoute Getleg Table - very handsome

Crate and Barrel Club Chairs - $600 
Set of 3
2 chairs and ottoman 

Moose Antler Coffee Table $300

Palecek Coffee Table

Industrial Cart - great coffee table (arms remove)

If you happen to be a football widows this weekend please join us at the store and/or venture out to Canton.  The "weather" is supposed to warm up, the roads are supposed to clear up and the vendors in Canton are going to be geared up anxious to do some business after being froze out and closed down Thursday and Friday.
Lakehouse Outfitters is located on Row 46 on the Trade Days grounds, formerly the Paul Michaels building.  We'll have our patio heater on and have pocket/hand warmers for anyone who needs them! 

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