Friday, February 4, 2011

Mother Nature don't take to bribes!

February 3, 2011
Yesterday, after being closed Tuesday and Wednesday we opened at 12 noon.  The roads were still iced over, the landscape bleak and the traffic sparse; it was a gray day.  In an effort to coax Mother Nature into loving us again, I decided to place the garden globe on the entry steps amidst our beautiful (yet frozen) cactus.

Apparently, Mother Nature doesn't take well to coaxing.

Soon after the globe was placed I rec'd a text from the hubby with this photo.  An unfortunate accident just a couple blocks from our house.

Bummer dude.  And bummer for the brick wall...note the hole on the right.  

February 4, 2011 - Good Morning Texas!  
(do you hear Mother Nature laughing in the background?)  

Our north Dallas neighborhood.  

No tracks in the driveway

Last Saturday we were enjoying the patio and the 75 degree weather
Today...a different story.

Oh yea...we are closed again today.  Ray used the term "crazy" when I casually mentioned opening the store this morning.  Okay, Mother Nature and Ray.  You win.  

Listening to the WFAA Channel 8 News as I'm writing.  They just reported it's currently colder in Dallas than in some places in Alaska!  

Stay Warm and Stay Home.  I refuse to use the crazy word.  



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