Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's New Wednesday - a gaggle o'ottomans

Location. Location. Location.

Yes, being in the design district certainly adds interest to our inventory and daily activities.  The area is well known for  being one of the first design decorative centers outside of New York City as a result of Trammel Crow's vision in the 1950's.  Design showrooms, typically open to The Trade only are tucked into spaces such as the Decorative Center, the International and the Dallas Design Center.  

Also, tucked away in the design district are scores of craftsman, furniture builders and upholstery shops who in "better times" kept their crews busy and their rents paid by serving the showrooms and designers in the area.   Keyword: better times.

As of late, we have had many talented craftsmen pull into our parking lot with vans filled with pieces created to supplement their businesses during this slower economy.  One such van pulled in a couple of weeks ago with a darling pale blue velvet ottoman that has captured every one's attention and even created a mini smack-down over it on facebook.

This week, more ottomans (a gaggle as Kate affectionately refers to them) a sofa, a wingback and an amazing mirror that would be fabulous in so many places.

This week's What's New is random as you have come to expect - but with a feel good twist.  Seems like we're helping others in a new and different way this week.  In addition to our constant attempts to provide you with amazing pieces priced at great values (for your hard earned dollars) we are also helping bridge the gap for many talented craftsmen who have found LHO as an outlet for their talents and an inlet for additional income.

Also - by popular demand we have rec'd several new industrial pieces which made interesting wall decor or table toppers!

Here's what's new...enjoy!

Over 50" in not to scale!

Four dining chairs with painted seats

1950's FABULOUS Admiral Television

Thanks again for the support, compliments and referrals you give so generously! We appreciate them  very much.



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