Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's New Wednesday. Spring? We can only hope.

Punxsutawney Phil declares winter is over!  (seriously?)

Apparently, Phil's track record proves his predictions correct about 39% of the time.  Normally, I might dismiss this eccentric tradition as silly and a little bizarre.  But not this morning as I look out my home office window to what could also be known as The Tundra I'm choosing to place my faith in Phil.  

The motivators contributing to my change of heart?  Serious ice storms, 40 mph winds, rolling blackouts every hour or so and the fact that I am holding my breath to finish this post before the State of Texas shuts my power off for another 20 minutes or so.  Come on Phil!  We need you to be right this year!!

In the meantime...while we wait for his prediction to come true here are a few highlights of this week's What's New Wednesday.

Vintage Shabby headboard adorned as wall decor'
"Always Kiss Me Goodnight"

Slikroute's Katmandu Cabinet

Lower Storage (note the drawers below)

Upper Storage Inside patina

Unique of a kind pieces...

Silkroute Katmandu Blue Storage Cabinet

Inside Katmandu Blue - 

Silkroute Getleg Dining Table
Large oval top with drop leaves on both sides

If you're not familiar with SilkRoute, please visit the Silkroute Website 
We have access to their wholesale showroom and would love to help you source
furniture and accents for your projects.  If you see a piece that interests you we will happily
inquire about it's availability for local pick up.  

Speaking of a project...
This is a large 3-drawer chest that has a ton of potential.  
Add a coat of fresh paint and you've got a beauty!

Close up of ornate carving on above chest

We believe this to be a vintage El Paso Trading Company Dining Table

Travis Court Breakfront Bookcase.  The top center drawer drops opens to a leather writing surface
and cubbies for desk storage.  Very good condition and very clever!

As we wait for spring as Phil has promised I thought it might be fun to dream of spending this summer at the lake.  There are so many great lakes close to the are a few of my favorites as found on  And the good news is that they are ALL for sale.  ;-)

Cedar Creek Lake
                                            I could stand this view for about 365 days a year!  Click
                                                  HERE  to view the listing and see more photos
                                            of this Cedar Creek cutie

Lake Cypress Springs
This lake reminds me of a lake you might find in the Northwest...
beautiful Pines with a shoreline dotted with rustic "cabins"

Lake Texoma
As seen in D Magazine...I was so hoping the price on this would be 
closer to $170,000 (I mean you have to eat outside) 
I was only off by a few zeros!  Lovely, and if I win the lottery I want it.

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