Friday, April 22, 2011


In today's mail we received a packet from D Magazine. As you read that sentence you might be thinking, yeah, big deal.  And you'd be correct.  This is a big deal, very big. 

It's hard to describe the feelings associated with this packet.  It really took me back to high school to that day in 1974 when the coolest, most handsome and most popular boy in school actually called me by name.  I didn't even think he knew I existed.  It gave me goosebumps.

Today, we have been recognized and called by name by D Magazine and for a small business like ours, this is big stuff.  Definitely goosebump worthy.

The packet included a letter, highlights below: 

Dear Jodi,

Every August D Magazine publishes it's Best of Big D issue, wherein the editors name their favorites in food and drink, nightlife, shopping, goods and services, and culture and media.

We also give our readers a chance to vote for their favorites beginning April 25th, The Best of Big D: Readers Choice Poll for the shopping category will be available on our website.  And we're thrilled to tell you that LHO Design and Consign has been selected by the D Magazine editors as a finalist for the Best Vintage and Antique Furniture Shop in Dallas!

We hope you'll help us get the word out about the poll.  Tell your friends, families, and customers to vote for you at Voting lasts two weeks through May 8, and the readers' choice winners will be announced in the August 2011 issue of D Magazine and online at

I wish you the best of luck!

Jason Heid
Online Editorial Director

I'm hyperventilating.  I can't believe they know our name and have chosen us as a finalist.  As I breath into the paper bag I have another realization.  This could only be possible because our friends, family and customers have been "buzzing" about LHO.  After all, the most popular kid in school doesn't know your name without hearing it from others first.  So Thank You.

On Monday - we'll be asking you to spread the word and rally for votes.  We'll post details on how, where and how often you can vote to help us prove we are worthy of this recognition.

Have a fantastic Easter Weekend,  when we count our blessings we'll be counting you.


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