Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's New Wednesday? Big girl pants

Carole Lombard framed poster - on consignment ($150.00) and our inspiration for this post
Just as Carole was blazing new trails of fashion and independence as she donned Khakis in the 1950's we've decided to blaze a few new trails of our own.  Yep,  we're putting on our big girl pants and considering another store.  (gulp)

For those of you who follow this blog and know us, you know this venture started out with the intention of serving the lake house customers of North Texas.  So many little targeted retail.  Canton has been our marketing horse, our merchandise test market and our research center as we talk to hundreds of shoppers from around the region about lake living.  They all have one thing in common - a big smile on their face!

So it's now or never for Lakehouse Outfitters to put on their big girl pants and open a retail store dedicated to our happy customers.  The question is:  WHERE?

We have spent the past 6 weeks hunting for the perfect location.  It has been all consuming.  For those of you who know me personally, you know I have tremendous, unwavering focus.  Well, as of this morning, my head is spinning and to quote a line from the New Karate Kid "My Focus Needs Focus."

This is so difficult,  obviously we are looking for the perfect location to house our wares for you to shop.
Here are a few of the options we like.  And as you see by the Poll we've posted, we'd like your feedback.  We do not want to make this decision with our heads under water (punn intended) - let us know your thoughts.

In plain speak, here's our criteria:

An area that is attractive as a shopping/dining/entertainment destination
Retail Foot Traffic - we need shoppers walking past our front door

The Harbors - Rockwall - we first considered this as a no brainer.  It's a waterfront retail/dining/entertainment venue.  Seems like a good place for a store with the name Lakehouse Outfitters.  But is it?  Lots of opinions out there...chime in if you have one!

2000 sq ft storefront available, facing the parking area next to
Genuine Jakes/Life is Good shop

Summer Music Series on the lakeside at The Harbors - starts May 5th  - 

Historic Downtown McKinney - known for quant shops and restaurants around the genuine downtown square.  The old courthouse in the center of the square is now home to the McKinney Performing Arts Center.  Pretty good location as McKinney sits (sort of) in the middle of Lake Country.  Five Lakes within 45 miles:  Lake Lavon, Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Lewisville, Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Texoma.  A completely different vibe from The Harbors...

This old bank building offers 2400 sq feet of prime retail space, right on the corner of E Virginia and Tennessee Streets
Although, the large columns don't really scream Lakehouse Outfitters.  Does this matter?

Other considerations - with far less research:

The Shops At Legacy - a very urban, manufactured (in a good way) North Dallas destination.  Lots of restaurants, less shopping than I had imagined.

Knox/Henderson:  Obviously a retail mecca - Knox is now most likely out of the running due to lease rates.  We loved the former Smith Hawkins space until we learned that leasing 50% of it would cost us $16,500 per month.  Probably not a smart move - even with our big girl pants on.

Henderson:  There are a few spaces on the Henderson side of this hub, including 1/2 of the Jones Walker   Furniture store just across from The Wooden House and Gypsy Wagon.  No details...just noticed the sign in the window.

So there it is.  We're putting all our cards on the table.  HELP!  The last thing we want to do is to make our decision and then have one of our customers say...gee, I wish I would have known you were thinking about this I know of a perfect spot for Lakehouse Outfitters!

If you have thots, opinions, ideas or comments we are all ears.  We know in our hearts, your feedback will be genuine and with good intentions.  Please participate in the survey above, add your comments below or email us:



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Susan Lane said...

I of course vote for ROCKWALL since that is where I live and I'm being selfish. Shops at The Harbor have had a tough time and the property was in bankruptcy. Not sure what the status is now. Would love to have you guys here but want you to have much success!!