Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

I am fortunate to be married to a talented man who loves photography and water.  Ray was born under the Pisces sign a.k.a. the WATER SIGN and it couldn't be more fitting for this man be it the pool, the ocean, the river or the lake - he'll take it!  He dreams of living on the water one day. 

We have both been fortunate to have been introduced to some wonderful places thanks to the jobs we've held.  Alabama is one of those special places; which I have to admit up until my first visit in 2006 I hadn't really given Alabama much thought at all.  And now it's one of our favorite places to get away and allow the crashing of the waves to wash all of the daily details away.  We recently revisited several of our favorite spots in Alabama and Ray was busy the entire trip capturing some of what has "captured us" relative to this area,


 A special thank you Ray Batten for sharing your snaps! 



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