Friday, December 23, 2011

A Pit Stop worth least once!

If you happen to be headed to the lake or the parents' house for a week of much needed R and R you might consider making a pit stop at Spec's on your way out of Big D or Austin, Beaumont, College Station, Corpus, El Paso, Houston, Kerrville, San Antonio, Victoria or Waco (Spec's Locations).

We happened along Spec's new store in Dallas this week as a result of a casual mention to our family that we were headed to the liquor store.   Our casual mention was followed by a persuasive pitch to check out Spec's.  So off we go for the sake of research.

The location is on the SE corner of Walnut Hill and 75 N Central Expressway in a building that has been vacant for some years, I'm thinking it may have been the old Toys R Us store, next to the former AMC Theatre that is now also closed.  Our initial thought:  Weird location.

And actually, weird doesn't seem like the best word to describe the store or our experience so we won't use it.  But the store is different.  We took a little tour and captured some highlights of our visit.  All under the heading of. . .

Didn't expect to see this:

Upon entering it "looks" like a warehouse liquor store

We like this.  Save 5% when you pay with cash, check or debit.
Who doesn't use their debit card to pay for almost everything these days?

Another good sign.   Especially for those who really need a cocktail.  NOW!

Bacon, they say Bacon makes everything better.  I guess that now applies to liquor stores too.

Authentic Pork Back Bacon.  And yes, we bought some.  

A large, Texas Sized selection of HOT SAUCES
displayed, a s you can see along with the
White Wine which we thought was kind of, well...

Bar B Q Sauces, Rubs, Marinades and Steak Sauces Galore

A Cheese Station that competes with the big boys
(along with a full service Deli)

The Italian section full of dried pasta and sauces
This photo doesn't even come close to showing their inventory here

Thai Anyone?  If you watch The Food Network and wonder where one buys
Fish Sauce and Mirin...this is the place.  Again, WHO would have thought to
shop for Fish Sauce at the Liquor Store?  

Ahhh...finally!  A Texas Product one would HOPE to find at the Liquor Store.  
PS - I do love this packaging.  Nice job LSV

Price tags for Dummies.  In case you can't figure the 5% discount on your own.
And yes, we did buy some 1800 Tequila for the 
Lakehouse Outfitters signature

An just when we think we've seen it all, we run across the Kitchen/Bar accessory section.
With the most colorful cutting boards ever.  In this section of the store you'll find glassware, tools, appliances, gifts, cards, wrap, novelties and a bunch of stuff we can't even remember.

In the end, reporting back to the family on our impressions we sum it up this way:
Big Box Liquor Store + Big Box Grocery Store leaning towards Gourmet 
with the ambiance of a KMart.

A Pit Stop worth lease once.

Merry Christmas!  Hope it's Spec'scial. 


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