Monday, April 30, 2012

Too Matchy Matchy? We hope not. . .

Turquoise and Orange.

We have Turquoise and Orange price tags that easily double as a gift tag if you like.  Makes it a snap to snip the price off,  turn the card over and write:

To:  MOM
Love:  All of us xoxox

(this started because we as shoppers do not like hunting for price tags on items we wish to purchase) So naturally, we decided it was a good idea to place our prices on large, stamped cards in two of our favorite colors.

Turquoise and Orange.

We now have Orange Bags with Turquoise Tissue because the blue bags we traditionally use have been discontinued.  So, we thought...more Orange and Turquoise would be fun!

And then, we saw the words.  Rain FLATS.
Huh?  We've heard of Rain Boots, but not rain flats.  Until now.
And yep, you guessed it.  They come in . . . 

Turquoise and Orange! 

Just in time for the rains...and so cute!  Don't be sloshin' around in your swirly spring dress and clunky rain boots.  Don a darling pair of OKAb rain flats and you'll practically walk on water.

Available in:


Full Sizes only
Packaged in a sweet, magnetic closure shoe box in TURQUOISE!

Maybe too matchy matchy - but we love it!

OKAb Flats and Sandals available this weekend in Canton during First Monday Trade Days
May 3-4-5-6

Find Us on Row 46 just off Dealers Row

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