Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cookie Cutters. . . not just for cookies any more

I guess cookie cutters are also for houses.

I always thought these:

Cookie Cutter

Where intended for these:
Cookies that look like houses

Well, as it turns out I'm also learning that it applies to actual homes.  As a result of us listing our lovely home (so we can buy a lake house) I am shocked at the feedback regarding one item:  Granite.
"There's no granite".  Yes, that is correct.  No granite.  On purpose.

If one would like to get out their cookie cutter and add granite, they certainly should.  It's easy to add granite to any countertop - throw in a backsplash and you have another kitchen/bath that looks like most every other house you'll find.

But how often do you come across a mid-century charmer (1959) with original details in pristine condition?  Not to mention it's situated on a mature .40 acre lot with a circle drive, central location and a back yard with pool that makes outdoor living a joy.

So I call on you.  Most of you reading this are our very first fans and followers of LHO Design and Consign.  We connected because we had a common appreciation for style and esthetics.  If there's anyone else out there who appreciates vintage charm as much as we do, it's you.

In my attempt to gather more prospective buyers, I would like to ask you spread the word:

Who do you know that would appreciate the charm and the value of this home and might be interested if they knew if was on the market?  If someone comes to mind or if it's YOU please forward this email and check out our listing ONLINE click here.

In the meantime - here's a few snaps to peak your interest.

Dining off Entry and Den

 Den and Formal Dining

Our granite -less kitchen

 Man Cave

Backyard entertainment area and pool

Thanks so much for spreading the word and for protecting the integrity of baking.  
Cookie Cutters should be used only when baking.

Thanks much,


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