Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For The Love of Blueberries. . .

We have a little person in our family who is a fruit-a-holic.  Blueberries are her favorite - but not by much, she loves pretty much all fruit.

Madison eating a fruit cup at Chick Fil A
totally ignoring the french fries!

Last week we took her to the Dallas Farmers Market to find the freshest fruit of the season.  The Canton blueberries were a hit, she loved looking at all the colors of the fruit and veggies and chasing the pigeons with GP was a bonus!

So, this past weekend we did what any grand parent "worth a hoot" would do.  We planned an outing for Sunday, a drive to an East Texas Blueberry Farm in search of the mother load of blueberries for our sweet little grand daughter.

After some research on the WWW we found a farm that was opening Saturday and Sunday for the "season".  Here we go!  We found the farm (about 5 miles off the beaten path) and as we drove down the sandy lane entrance to LayBerry Farm we met the proprietor who was conveniently headed out to pick berries.  We ordered 2 gallons of fresh blueberries and were told to return in about an hour to pick them up.

Upon returning, we noticed 2 gallon baskets on the table.  Filled with BLACKBERRIES!
Oops.  Communication failure - Mr. LayBerry thought we said blackberries.  "And, BTW you city folk, the blueberries aren't even rip yet".

We couldn't leave empty handed after all this, so home we go with our gallon of blackberries.
What a yummy mistake we had made (should have bought both gallons).

Left: LayBerry Blackberry - twice the size of a "store bought" blackberry 
and the juiciest, sweetest blackberry we've ever tasted.

There's a GOB of blackberries in a gallon I filled three large colanders with these now what to do?  Freeze them!

I learned that the best way to freeze fresh berries is it 
quick freeze them individually.  Wash, drain and spread single lay on a cooking sheet
place in freezer overnight. When you remove them from the freezer to 
bag they immediately get a slight frost on them, so you will want to work quickly.

The next morning, place the individual frozen berries in freezer bags 1- 2 cups each and store for a winters day when you want fruit for muffins, pies or cobblers.
Worked like a charm! Madison is going to have fresh fruit all year long!

  They also made a delicious fresh blackberry topping for our
NY Cheesecake.  This may just become our new 
Memorial Day tradition

For the love of blueberries and Madison!

LayBerry Farm is located between Canton and Gun Barrel City.  This next weekend
they hope to have vine ripe tomatoes in addition to the amazing blackberries. 
You can pick your own or buy them picked.

Here's the link to their webpage for more information:

Really - it's worth the trip.  Seriously.
We aren't kidding.

Have a great week!  Hope we see you in Canton for First Monday
Thursday - Sunday (5/31-6/3)

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tonya said...

That's AWESOME! I was thinking it was a little early for blueberries, even in Texas. We have the most amazing strawberries and blueberries later in the summer here in Maine. Maine is known for their wild blueberries. Blueberry raking is HARD work!!!