Thursday, September 6, 2012

Headboard love. . .

Back in the days when we were operating our consignment store, LHO Design and Consign in the Dallas Design District we would often blog as inspiration to our customers.  Giving them ideas how how to repurpose some of the "finds" that they loved so much.

As I have been noodling around the web and on Pinterest looking for inspiration for my own home I decided to share some of my favorite finds in honor of the 1 year anniversary of closing the doors at LHO Design and Consign, 2100 Irving Blvd, Dallas.

Headboard Love.

doesn't get much easier than this.  looks like salvage 1x4's and a can of spray paint!

how often do you see these carved screens and wonder how to incorporate them into your decor?
consignment stores are a good source for these at below retail pricing

we love shutters, this is a sunny, garden filled space luck would have it we will have shutters
with us at The Flea (9/15)

Looks like a Pottery Barn shelve and a bench cushion!  
A new take on the upholstered headboard

Galvanized and corigated metal roofing?  EZ!

Great use of walls - love this idea for kids room.  toys/books/photos

Reclaimed Doors steal the show - chandelier rocks too!

Pallets!  Check your neighborhood on bulk trash day

Brilliant - place the bed in front of the built ins! 
 Kills 2 birds

Vintage signs - no brainer headboard

Have Fun!

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