Monday, September 15, 2014

Janeen's On Lake Time Adventures - From the Mitten State

Michigan, the mitten state

As Janeen and I were first getting to know each other, emailing back and forth she would often sign her emails, with something like, Smiles & Splashes from The Mitten or Thanks and Love from The Mitten.  

I thought this was so cute and after a few emails I wrote back that I'd love to know how she got her nickname.

(duh) When you look at the map it's pretty hard to miss!  

I'm sure she laughed all day over this reply, yet she was kind in her response and educating me that she was referring to her home state Michigan the mitten state.  Oh dear, I have so much to learn and couldn't be happier with my Mitten Mentor, Janeen.

This summer, Janeen was definitely On Lake Time enjoying lake life and taking advantage of the beautiful Lake Country surrounding her home.  She and her hubs spent a few weekends visiting some of their favorite Michigan destinations and we're so lucky she's willing to share her adventure with us.

One such weekend they visited Glen Arbor.  Janeen says this is one of their favorite small towns within a couple hours drive from home.

 They enjoyed lunch at Art's Tavern. Art's Tavern has been serving Glen Arbor Michigan visitors for over 80 years!  (If you visit, Janeen suggests the yummy whitefish dip made with fresh whitefish from Lake Michigan)

Also included in their day was a stop to 
Cherry Republic one of Janeen's favorite stores to shop as they just happen to make her favorite Michigan wine. Cherry Balaton.  As I was looking at their website I couldn't help noticing the dark chocolate covered cherry's.  Oh my. 

Here are a few pictures from Janeen's On Lake Time Adventures from The Mitten.
Glen Arbor Outing

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Janeen modeling LakeHouse Outfitters lake life apparel on the deck overlooking Historic Fishtown in Leland

cherry republic glen arbor michigan, glen arbor, lake michigan, janeen

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cherry republic glen arbor michigan, glen arbor, lake michigan, janeen's On Lake Time, the mitten

We hope you love Janeen's photos as much as we do, including the one of Janeen pointing to the spot on the map of Michigan (on the giant hanging cherry) where she lives.  I spy the red mitten.

Janeen points out that Michigan is the only state that you can hold up your hand and point to where you live! 

Hands to show where you live in Michigan, Michigan, Great Lakes

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Here's an example of a lake art coaster set for the Great Lakes region, and a very visible mitten.  

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